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Hermana Knowles (7 Dec 15)

HAPPY DECEMBER!!!! Christmas treeWrapped presentFather Christmas🏼Green heartFace throwing a kiss

I can't believe it's DECEMBER! And that my second to last transfer has
started! Last transfer flew by! Probably because it was only a four
week transfer.. This next one will be 8 weeks so hopefully it doesn't
go by as quick! Haha
Transfer news! I'm staying in Alcalá with Hermana Vigo! Woo!

So, it's been a really good week here! And we were able to see a lot
of tender mercies from the lord. This week we were able to meet with a
lot of less active members. We had some great lessons and were really
able to help them with their needs. And a lot of them a progressing,
which I'm super happy about!
This week we added four new investigators. One we found as we were
knocking doors, and she happened to be the sister of a member in our
ward! A coincidence? I think not. She didn't have time but told us to
come back another day, so we passed by two days later and she let us
in. We were able to share the new Christmas video "ha nacido un
Salvador" (a savior is born:) ) and talk about her beliefs in Christ
and what Christmas means for her. She has some.. Interesting views on
religions haha but it was good, and we are going back this week to
teach more about the plan of salvation, because she had a lot of
questions about that.
Another new we got is from Peru and has been listening to the
missionaries for awhile. She's come to church many times, but hasn't
accepted baptism yet.. Were not sure exactly why, but we know she
doesn't want to feel pressured into it. Which we understand and
respect. It's a little hard for her to come to church now because she
lives far. But we are working on that!
The other two news are a couple a couple that stopped us in the street
the other day to ask for directions, we ended up talking for a minute
and found out that they had just moved from Jaén, and they said we
could pass by their house another say. So we passed by two days later,
and the wife was like "we were wondering when you would come by! We
have been looking forward to your visit!" It was so sweet! We had a
GREAT lesson with them. We talked about the love of God and his plan
for us, and the wife began to cry. They are going through some hard
things right now, and she said that they had stopped going to church
but that this is what she needs. They were definitely put in our path
by the hand of the Lord. We invited them to church yesterday.. And
they came!!!!:):) Milagros!
We've met with Pedro several times this week and had some great
lessons! He believes that what we teach is true, but he also believes
that all Christian churches are true.. So we've been talking a lot
about authority and the priesthood,, but he doesn't seem to get it
yet. Jaja. poco a poco.
This week we had a zone conference and a member of the seventy came
and spoke! Elder laemer from Germany. We spoke about a lot of
different things, including what kind of Shepard we want to be, the
difference between testimony and conversion, and about how the Holy
Ghost is the true teacher and that we need to get out of the way of
him. One question I really liked was "what motivates me?" What
motivates me to wake up at 7 am, or leave the piso in the morning?
What motivates me to be here on the mission and dedicate all my time
to the lord. What motivates me is not social pressures or fear of
disobeying, but it is the love I have for God, and for his children. I
want to serve him the best I can.

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season! And if you haven't,
go watch "a savior is born" and share it on Facebook :)

Os quiero!
Hermana knowles

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