Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hermana Knowles (19 Oct 15)

Hola mis queridos amigos! Ha sido una semana súper buena. Y ha llovido
un montón. Pero seguimos trabajando :)

Well. It's been a great week! We've seen a lot of great little
miracles. It has also rained A LOT. And the rain caught us a few times
without umbrellas! Yeah, my shoes are still wet. Haha but it was
great. I'll start with the usual day by day..
Monday- we played airsoft! Again... Haha it was good. Then we taught
this guy in his door and talked for a long time.. He doesn't want
anything, and he's a little crazy so it was an interesting
conversation haha.
Tuesday- district meeting, then we had a cita with our recent convert
Israel, and it went well! Then a member accompanied is to a cita with
this guy who ended up failing on us.. I hate when that happens. And
then it started to rain A TON.. And we didn't have umbrellas and we
were super far from piso, so we kept going in the rain! And then no
one wanted to talk or let us in.. So it was in interesting night. But
finally we passed by this lady the elders had taught before and she
let us in! And she became a new. Woo!
Wednesday and Thursday we headed to Jaén for intercambios! So yes, the
usual five hour train. Yay. But, I got to see hermana Hurtado again
and it was awesome!!:) she's the best!
On Thursday we got back at around 8, and still ended up teaching 3
lessons! One was to the friend of our evangelist investigator.. We
passed by and she had some church friends over for a bday celebration,
and this lady just came out and started attacking our church and
everything, and not let us talk or defend or anything, which was
honestly so frustrating! But we testified, and that's all we need to
do on situations like that. One day they will know:)
Friday- it was Pablo's baptism! Mirians husband:) as we were on the
way to a baptism, we walked by a couple on the street and they saw our
chapas and said "jesucristo! Who are you guys?" We explained that we
were missionaries and they had a bunch of really good questions!!
They're evangelist, and we have a lot of the same beliefs, but they
were so open to learning more (such a big contrast from the other
lady..) then the wife invited to sit with them and drink some cola cao
at the cafe we were right by, so we sat down, taught about the Book of
Mormon, they're dying to read it! And then invited them to the
baptism, which they came to! Sad thing is that the baptism started an
hour late and they had to go early.. So they didn't stay. And also..
Another sad thing.. They aren't from Jerez! So we were able to get
their info and pass it to the elders in huelva. That always happens to
us hah:( but it was a cool miracle!
Saturday- ugh Saturday. Haha well, it rained ALL DAY. Luckily we had
umbrellas this time. So we were out all day, and only one person was
home that we tried! And all our other citas failed.. Or no one wanted
to talk.. Haha it was a really rough day. But the one person we did
meet with was an old investigator. And we visited with her, and it
turned out that she's from Bolivia, and part of that huge Bolivian
family here! She's related to our recent converts. So that was cool!
She seems super interested:)
Sunday- it rained again! And no one wanted anything.. Haha I was
hoping someone would at least take pity on us and let us in.. But we
ended up visiting with our less active member and she's the best! She
took care of us and let us dry off a bit in her calentita casa :)

Well, it was a little bit rough this week, but we pushed through the
rain and wind and saw a few miracles! And I think I need some new
shoes.. Haha.

But I love this work! Even when no one wants to listen or we are
soaked head to toe, with shoes that won't dry, we just laugh and have
a good time and it doesn't matter! I know there are people here who
are prepared, so we just gotta find them:)

Love you all. Have a great week:)

Con cariño,
Hermana knowles

1 Nephi 7:12 Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten that the Lord
is able to do all things according to his will, for the children of
men, if it so be that they exercise faith in him? Wherefore, let us be
faithful to him.

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