Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hermana Knowles (23 Nov 15) Happy Thanksgiving

Mi querida familia!

I can't believe another week has flown by.. We are already halfway
through this 4 week transfer! And yes, this week has been a lot
better! And yes... We finally have electricity! It only took a week...
Hahah it finally came on Thursday.

This week has been great! We have seriously seen so many miracles
here! We have seen the hand of the Lord in this work so much these
last few days. I feel like he is really blessing us for opening a new
area so that we can get up off our feet. I'll try to explain them the
best I can! But it's still just hard to write it all in emails.. I
have so many stories for after the mish!

So we have been finding a lot of potential investigators.we have found
a lot people who are super prepared! The SHEs (Hermana Nelson, I was
her she before! And Hermana benavides my third comp!!) came and we did
splits. We found quite a few people, but none that became
investigators yet. But Wednesday morning we did a cosecha in which the
missionaries from our district and the SHEs all came to our area and
contacted the whole morning. I went with Hermana benavides and we had
found a few futures, and we were walking down the street and decided
to talk to this young guy.we ended up sitting with him at a bench and
teaching about the Book of Mormon and the plan of salvation a bit. He
was awesome and so sincere!! We set up another cita with him.
Another day, I think it was Friday morning, we were walking down the
street and this police officer stopped us. Hahah, you can imagine we
were super nervous!! But he asked us who we were and what we preached.
We ended up talking to him for about 45 minutes!! We explained about
the Book of Mormon, and he had a lot of great questions! We set up a
new cita with him for tomorrow. So that was a cool miracle!

Saturday we had a cita with this great guy that we had contacted a few
days before. He's about 25 and from Colombia, and we brought out
member Raul with us. It was one of the coolest lessons ever! He just
ate everything up and loved everything we were saying. When we
contacted him a few days before, we gave him a book of Mormon, and he
had been reading it!! We taught him the restoration, and he said it
made perfect sense, and believes that there should be prophets in this
day. So we invited him to pray about it, and also invited him to
baptism, which he accepted! We set a fecha for him on the 19 of
December:) he is such a maquina!!! So prepared:) and his mom has
listened to the missionaries before, and she came in for a mine or
two, but we will definitely teach her in the future:)

Along with our few great new investigators we have found, we have been
working a lot with the less active members. I think this last week we
met with at least 6 different families of people, and are helping them
with their needs. We've seen a lot of cool little miracles with that
as well, and two came to church this Sunday!! Ahh it was awesome. But
none of our investigators came which I was a little sad about. But
it's alright. This week is going to be even better, we already have a
lot of citas set up with new people!!

I have definitely felt guided as we have gone throughout our day.
There will be times where we won't know where to go, but we'll decide
to go down some street, and there find this person who was ready to
listen to us. It's been great to feel the spirit working through us.
So many times in the scriptures it says that they were instruments in
the hands of the Lord. Currently, I'm reading in alma and learning
from the greatest missionaries there were! It says that "they had
searched the scriptures diligently, that they might know the word of
God.. They had given themselves to much prayer and fasting, therefore
they had the spirit prophecy, and the spirit of revelation, and when
they taught, they taught with power and authority of God.. [and they]
had much success in bringing many to the knowledge of the truth."
That is my goal. To be as the sons of Mosiah, and be that kind of
instrument and bring many to this knowledge and truth!

It's been a great week. I love Alcalá! It's so pretty and the people
are SO NICE! And there's a lot of hills.. So I get some good workouts

Hope you all have a great thanksgiving! I'd forgotten it was
thanksgiving this week (Cuz claro they don't celebrate it here) until
our bishop invited us over to eat with them, so that we could have a
thanksgiving meal:) the bishop is so awesome! Also, an American family
in the stake is taking all the missionaries in the zone out to tgi
Fridays for lunch! I feel so blessed!

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