Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hermana Knowles (30 Nov 15) Mountains to Climb

Mis queridos amigos,
Que locura esta semana. Siempre es así en la misión y me encanta!
Nunca estamos aburridas. :)

Well, nothing too big has happened this week. Just a lot of getting
lost on buses and such haha. We didn't have a week full of quite as
many Milagros as the last, but we had a lot of success in other ways.
Tuesday we had a great district meeting and talked some more about how
we can work better with the members and leaders to keep hold of our
fruits and labors, our converts. We don't want just baptisms, but
people who will stay in the path and endure to the end. That afternoon
we visited with a less active member and talked about temples and
family history week. We set some goals to help her prepare to go to
the temple and make these covenants for herself. She got super excited
as she realized that she prepare and go do baptisms for the dead. She
went on and on about how beautiful the temple was and what she
remembered from when she had gone to see the open house, it was so
sweet! Having his goal is something that is helping her to progress.

Wednesday morning we didn't have much success, we talked with a bunch
of people and got a few futures. In the afternoon we went to do
service for a less active family and helped them paint on of their
bedrooms. That night we had English class, and did a special activity
where we cooked banana bread and learned kitchen words and phrases in
English. It was fun!

Thursday we had weekly planning, and then went to TGI Fridays with an
American couple from Sevilla. They've kinda just adopted all of the
missionaries as their grandkids, and are super super sweet! Afterwards
we went to contact in our area of palmete.. So our ward consists of
Alcalá, which is a pueblo right outside of Sevilla, and also has a
little chunk of the city of Sevilla which is called Palmete and
Sevilla Este. So we went there finally and got a few futures and met a
few awesome people, and then went to our bishops house that is there
in palmete. They had prepared a whole thanksgiving meal for us 4
missionaries! It was so sweet, because thanksgiving is not a tradition
here but they knew how important it was to us and how much we would
probably miss our homes that day, so they tried making it special for
us. And they did! It was so sweet and special! We went around giving
thanks, and then enjoyed the feast! Let's just say I'm still full. And
our bishop is the best!!!

Friday walked to our less actives house which is super far away.. Like
an hour walking there going up hills and stuff and an hour back haha.
But we had a great lesson with him. That not we visited with this cute
older couple in our ward, and they shared heir conversion story with
us. And then we met with Pedro, our awesome investigator from Colombia
that I told you about Last week!

Saturday we went out to work in palmete again.. But got kinda lost
taking the buses haha so didn't have much time to work.. We still got
a future and met a few antiguo investigators. Later we met with
another less active, and then with Pedro again! We taught the plan of
salvation and he completely accepted it. He's great! I'm still trying
to figure him out though haha. We get there and he's just like
"alright what are you gonna teach me today" he's just so focused! He
still has a fecha but we will probably change it because he hasn't
come to church yet.

Yesterday, one of our less actives came to church finally which we
were happy about! And we visited with a less active family and
stressed the importance of reading in the scriptures. We did a little
object lessons, and then afterwards asked if there were any comments
or questions and the dad was like "yes just one.. Can we start right
now?" So we sat there and all read one chapter of the Book of Mormon
together:) it was awesome!!

Anyways to explain my subject line.. We are applying that literally
and figuratively:) I mentioned that Alcalá has a lot of hills, so
sometimes we play the EFY song mountains to climb (that we have on our
phone) to give us strength!! And it works:)
But one thing I am thankful for is trials. We must have these
experiences so that we can grow and progress. As we went around saying
things that we were thankful for, someone said trials because it is
what has made them strong. I know that every experience that I have in
the mission and in life is to strengthen me and help me, and will be
for my benefit if I allow it to be.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Hermana knowles

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