Friday, September 11, 2015


Heyyy family! Another week has gone by... And now it's basically
September!! Ahhhhh

Snfjghakakfjnskrweie. This is how I've been feeling haha. I've been
trying to think of what I could write for this week, but I'm not sure
how to put it into words. The mission can be hard. Haha. and this has been one of those hard weeks. But I still love it! I'm still so glad
I'm here, but there's always good things to learn from those hard

But anyways, we got a call on Friday from our zone leaders and they asked us to come early to the church before our ward activity. So we went and talked to them and they said that president had called them and that we were going to be switching areas with the other elders and white washing their area. still in Jerez and in the same ward. But it's because our area is pretty chungo, pretty sketchy. We usually don't enter into the most sketchy parts haha but it's mostly because our piso is right on the edge of one of those not so safe areas and some weird things have happened and they sell drugs and stuff right
here and basically it's just kinda sketchy haha. So they think it would be better for the elders (I honestly don't know why Hermanas were ever put here haha). And he said we would be making the switch in Wednesday, which would give us like two days because we are in Malaga for consejo for two days! Ahh. We were super super sad, because we
LOVE our people and are seeing miracles and have just finally have won some of their trust. But it's okay I know the elders can serve them well! But the thing is we don't know for sure yet, we are talking with president today and making a decision. So I'll let you know next week
what happens!

But there were some good and funny things that happened this week
haha. We found a new investigator that is from Nigeria! We always pass
by his Afro shop haha. He's so cool! We started talking and we started
talking about African culture, and then he decided to show us a video
of his dad's funeral, which is basically like a huge party! Haha they
put the caskets of their shoulders and start dancing. Oh man. But it
was a a great opportunity to talk about the plan of salvation! We've
met with him a couple times and it's always a party, but he's super
receptive. We started teaching a couple of his friends as well that
always pass by.

We had some great lessons this week! And ate some GREAT food. Ahh the
best paella with shrimp and seafood with one of our members. And we
had a great ward bbq on Friday!
Jose is progressing well, he came to church yesterday! And his mom is
really happy about it, we're pretty excited!

One thing that we've seemed to talk a lot about this week is the
priesthood authority. It is so essential! I'm so grateful that we have
prophets and apostles that have the AUTHORITY to lead and guide us
today. I'm also so grateful for all the wonderful leaders that we have
that are able to receive revelation for us, such as our bishops, stake
presidents, and mission presidents. God has not left us alone! We just
need to follow their counsel and we will be led the right way:)

Basically, there is a lot that I have learned from this week. I love
the mission, and the lord is helping me to be more humble. And we are
doing good now haha. Thanks for everything though! I love the emails
and letters and stuff:)

Love you!! Have a great week!

Con amor, hermana knowles