Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hermana Knowles (28 Sep 15)

Heyyy fam! Well.. This is the start of a new transfer! I can't believe
it.. This last one flew by! It really does keep going faster and
faster. The crazy thing is that I only have four left, including this
one. WHAT IS THIS. Haha

So crazy transfer news! We got a call from president on Friday, the
day before normal transfer calls, and told hermana hurtado that she
would be leaving and going to Jaén! He wanted to thank her for all she
had done as a SHE. It was a little bit of a shock, but honestly not
that big of a surprise! It is kindve weird cuz I have more time here,
but her mission is crazy. This will be like her 8th area hahah. I'm in
my fourth. But anyways, hermana rowley is coming here with me!! Which
is awesome because she is from Middleton and I've talked to her a few
times before! Ah I'm so stoked! It's going to be such a great
transfer! But I am really sad hermana Hurtado has to leave:( I'll miss
my little Peruvian!
Also, literally almost everyone is training in our zone! I think
everyone besides one companionship will be training (plus the ZLs and
SHEs) and a few companionships got calls where both the companions
would be training, and one would be leaving to open an area and train!
Crazy huh? We are going to have a really young zone. There's a lot of
new missionaries coming in this transfer.

Well, this week has been súper loca! I think we spent more time
traveling than proselyting..

Tuesday- we went to Sevilla and had a tri zone conference with
President Andersen. It was great! We talked a lot about the Book of
Mormon, and we have a goal to read it as a mission in 100 days. The
cool thing is last Monday I just finished reading it again! I love
love love the scriptures.
Wednesday we went on the five hour train yet again to Jaén for
intercambios! It was so fun, I got to go with hermana Anderson again,
I went with her two transfers ago when she was brand new in the mish.
It's cool to see how much she's grown. And hermana Hurtado went with
hermana Verdejo, her new companion! (Crazy, we had no idea during
intercambios haha) the awesome thing is I still get to be her SHE!!:)
Thursday night we got back to Jerez, and Friday we went to San
Fernando and helped with the open house of the new stake center. It
was so fun, and a lot of people came! My comp and I had a lot of fun
sitting outside and making people go in;)
On Saturday, we had to do weekly planning and then we had a great FHE
with a less active member and some of her friends!
Yesterday we had church, correlation, and went to the ward council
with the bishop. We have been working a lot harder to help our ward
and have a better relationship with the members so we can help the
work move on. We have the best bishop who is always willing to help
us! And I think one of the biggest things I've learned on the mission
is what kind of member I want to be. I now understand better the
importance of members in missionary work and the importance of home
teaching and FHE.

And I hope everyone is super excited for GENERAL CONFERENCE! You know
I'm excited! It's the best time of the year, especially for
missionaries! It's a great opportunity that we have to listen to our
living prophets and apostles, and receive personal revelation. One
thing I hope you can all do is prepare yourselves spiritually for this
conference, and go in with a question or two. I know that the spirit
will guide you and that you will receive this personal revelation. I'm
so excited!

Moral of the story, read your scriptures! The Book of Mormon is our
most powerful conversion tool. Seek personal revelation. And watch
general conference!

Love you all! Have a great week!

Con amor, hermana Knowles

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