Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hermana Knowles (26 Oct 15) Choose Happiness

Hola! So, it's been quite the week here. I'm not sure how to put it
into words! But, it was a bit of a hard week mentally and physically
and with the work. There were lots of ups and downs. Basically, as an
overview of how most of our days went, we had a lot of great citas set
up, but every single one, every. Single. One. Failed. We ended up
growing through almost everyone in our area book, and no one wanted
anything. So we knocked a lot of doors! We ended up getting a lot of
futures, or potential investigators. I think we got 38! More than I've
gotten any other week! So that was great. But other than that, we
didn't teach much. But it's getting better. I know there are a lot of
prepared people here, we are just searching them out!

I spent a lot of time pleading with the Lord to guide us to these
people that are ready, to help us recognize who they are and how we
can help them. I had let the stress of the mission get to me last
week, and I was getting a bit discouraged because it just didn't seem
to be getting any better. I was sitting there praying and asking what
else I could do, what more I could improve on. That point I just
decided not to get discouraged, and to keep going because there were
people hear that were waiting for us, truly searching for the truth!
And guess what...we had the greatest miracle last night!!

Last week we had intercambios and I went to Cádiz and hermana rowley
stayed here, and while they were out they passed by this lady and both
stopped each other. The lady pointed at the Book of Mormon in hermana
rowleys hand and said she had one and that she had been reading it!
She works in chiclana and a member there had given it to her, and bore
her testimony to her. They set up a cita with her, and we passed by
last night. It was one of the most powerful lessons I've had! She said
she has gone through a lot of trials in her life, and that her father
had passed away, she was a single mom, and her mother has cancer. She
said in that time she got angry with God, and drew away from him. But
she says she has had his void in her life, and is searching for this
peace, and she believes that this gospel is what she needs! She was so
sincere, and so open and receptive. I can already see her as a member.
She's coming to church this week with her six year old son! And we
have another cita with her this week. :)

I know that God was answering all of our prayers, mine as well as
hers, and her friends in chiclana. Hermana rowley and I just hugged
each other after because we were so happy!

Not much more happened last week, we had intercambios with the Cádiz
Hermanas and had district meeting yesterday. Today we are havin pday
here in Algeciras and we are going to Gibraltar to see the monkeys!!!
Monkey faceSpeak-no-evil monkeyMonkeySee-no-evil monkey and then intercambios!

In our presidents letter this week he said something that I really
liked, he said .   "Happiness  is  an  act  of  faith.   Happiness is
a  choice.  Happiness  is the  fruit  of the  knowledge  of  the
gospel.   Happiness  is  what God  is  reaching  out  to give  us and
yearning  for  us  to  receive  and  embrace  in  our lives.   We
have  reason  to  be  the happiest  of  all people  on  the  earth!
Each of  us  must  choose  to  receive  happiness  and  embrace it´s
marvelous influence. "
That was exactly what I need this week! We can all choose to be happy,
and choose not to get discouraged or anything. And the gospel give us
this happiness and this hope! We have reason to be the happiest
people! So let us be happy and let our light shine. :)

And yes, I am happy! I love being on the mission every through the
hard times. It is the best thing For my life. I'm so happy to be here!

Love you all, sorry that this is short but I'm gonna go see some monkeys!:)
Have a great week!
Love, hermana knowles

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