Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hermana Knowles (21 Sep 15)

Madre mía.. Pues esta semana he cumplido un año en la misión! Qué
rápido no? No lo puedo creer.

Well this week I've officially completed on year in the mish! That's
crazy to wrap my head around. A year without my family, here in Spain,
as a full time missionary, teaching the people here and having amazing
experiences that are affecting my life. Have I mentioned I love the

For this weeks summary.. Not to much has happened. We are still
working really hard to find new people, but we haven't been in our
area much this week. We had some crazy intercambios where the both of
us ended up going to their areas, and then it was stake conference in
San Fernando, so we haven't spent much time in Jerez. On Friday we had
intercambios with the chiclana Hermanas, and then on Saturday with the
San fern Hermanas. We just did splits in their area and handed out
flyers and invited people to the open house of the new stake center
they just built! Ah man, the new capilla is so pretty! And big! And
right off the highway and in front of the train station, so almost
everyone we talked to had seen it! And most were interested in seeing
what is inside. It was a fun morning! Then for the afternoon we went
to the adult session, and then stayed the night with the Hermanas in
San Fernando.

Sunday we all went to the new capilla for stake conference. And it was
so spiritual and amazing! President Andersen, our mission president,
came and spoke about missionary work and the Book of Mormon. And there
were some other great talks on giving thanks to the Lord, and not
being so quick to anger. The truth is everyone felt the spirit and got
so much out of it.

Well I'm not sure what else to say. This week is going to be even
crazier and we will hardly be in our area with zone conference and
intercambios in Jaen. But I think it will be a good week! Love you
all! Hope everyone is doing great.

One thing our stake president invited all the members to do what to
prepare ourselves more spiritually for the sacrament each week.
Renewing our covenants with our Heavenly Father is the most important
thing we can do each week. So I invite you all to be more spiritually
prepared as you partake of the sacrament, to show up early to
sacrament meeting, to invite the spirit, and think of things that you
can do better that next week, and to think of the sacrifice of the

Have a great week!

Love, hermana Knowles

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