Sunday, December 21, 2014

My trainer "died" off. I have a new companion

Pues.. My mom died this last week. It was just her time. We held a beautiful service and the park by our piso. Many a tears were shed. Hahaha but seriously. My trainer “died” (and my half-sister too.. stupid feet of hers!!) She was the best trainer I could have possibly had! and I miss her and Hermana Andrus lots! 

Anyways, I have a new comp!! Her name is Hermana Perez and she is from Uruguay and she is awesome!! (a little quiet.) But she is so sweet. And the great thing is she speaks really good English! Que bendiciĆ³n! But, we speak mostly in Spanish, which is really good for me. My Spanish has come a long way!! 

Well, it was a bit of a rough week for me. Taking over an area is hard, especially when I’m still trying to figure out how to be a missionary. So our first night was rough and no one was home!! It’s gotten a bit better these last two days though. But it’s an adjustment! Just a bit stressful for me. 

Funny story of the week. We locked ourselves out of our piso this last week. haha so one of the things about spain is that you need a key to get in or out of a door (you lock it with a key from the inside.) make sense? Anyways we left the key inside on accident. So we tried all these ways to break in, and had the elders come help, and tried everything and it didn’t work. So we eventually called a locksmith and he came and did the same exact thing we had tried. It took him 2 minutes and we paid him 50 euros.. haha so dumb!!! 

Cool story from last night.. Again all of our plans had fired on us so we decided to drop by Andrea and Sebastian to see how they were doing, and at their home was this reference that Andrea had given us earlier! So we taught him about the Book of Mormon, and then she pulled out the restoration video we had given them and we watched that too. It was so cool! We asked him if he believed it could be true, and he said anything was possible with God. And we asked him if he would pray to know the Book of Mormon was true, and he said he would pray after every verse :) so cool!! We are having a FHE with them tonight, so I am very excited for that:)

Remember to watch and to share the video "He is the Gift." It’s such a great opportunity to share what Christmas is really all about, and to celebrate the greatest gift that God has given us. Christ is central to everything that we believe and everything that we have. I love being a missionary at this time of year, and having the opportunity to bring others unto Christ. 

Hope you all have a great Christmas season! Thank you for the letters and the emails and the love :)

Les quiero! 
Hermana Knowles

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A White Christmas !!!

Well, I know it’s not Christmas yet but… it’s been a white December! with a baptism!!:) Rafael was baptized this last Saturday. I love that old man!! Everything leading up to the service was a little stressful and frustrating. But man when it came down to it, it was amazing! and he was BAPTIZED!! He bore the sweetest testimony after. AHHH! I am so happy for him!!

So my comp is dying this week.. :( I am so so sad to see her go!! She was the best trainer ever that taught me so much! But I am getting a new comp this Wednesday, and she is from Uruguay! So basically she doesn’t speak much English. This will be great for my Spanish though :)

I had to translate a visiting teaching lesson for these two members in the ward, my first time translating. I was a little nervous but I did alright :) (I did have a little help from my comp). But since my next comp doesn’t speak much English I will have to translate it all next time! Wish me luck :)

We have seen so many miracles this transfer! We´ve met so many people who are prepared, we´ve seen a less active member change, and now he is working to go on a mission! We have seen people´s lives change because of this gospel. And we have seen Rafael change as he has been baptized! I love this work!!

Thanks for your prayers and your letters and emails. It means so much to me!

Love, Hermana Knowles

Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December!!!

Another GREAT week in Fuen!

THANK YOU young women for the sweet note and candy! it made my day!:) 

RAFAEL IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!:) He's our favorite little old man that we visit everyday at his kiosk. He finally committed to a date for baptism! He has been ready for months, but would never commit to a date. but this last week we felt like we should ask his the baptismal interview questions in our lesson, and he said that those helped him realize that he was ready to be baptized. When we asked him to be baptized on the 6th of December, he said that he had heard that date before.. that it was the day that God told him he needed to be baptized. I'm so excited for him! So the service will be this Saturday:)

Another little miracle we had this week.. all of our citas (appointments) had failed us one night.. so we were having a little bit of a rough night. We sat down on this curb to call some people, and then this guy walked out of the building we were sitting in front of so we got up to talk to him and got his info, and then we decided to leave and go to another area. We got to the end of the street and I realized I'd left the Book of Mormon on the curb, haha so we had to go back. And that's when we noticed this guy standing in his doorway, and all of the sudden Hna Folsom just walked straight toward him and started talking. Come to find out, it was this guy that Hna Folsom had contacted a few months ago but hadn't been able to reach again. But we found him! and he was so ready to listen! So if I hadnt of left that book we wouldn't have found him again.

For Thanksgiving our whole zone went to Malaga and had a big feast! It was good! and I'm glad we still got the opportunity to do it here in Spain:)

Yesterday was the primary program and it was SO CUTE and so well done! ahhh I wish you all could've been there! The sweetest thing was these two little boys who were about 7, and when one of the boys had a speaking part, the other one read it and whispered into the other boy's ear what to say. It was so tender!

AHH I love the mission!

Oh, and we went to a castle today. That was pretty cool I guess... :) Spain is the best!
And the people here are the best!

Les quiero mucho!
Hermana Knowles