Sunday, July 12, 2015

Transfers (26 May 15)

Alyssa is off to a new area. We'll update with new address when we get it. 


WOW. some exciting news!!! i just need to start out explaining a few Spanish words that might make my email(s) easier to understand. its just things we never say in english haha. just a refresher on these words.. 

cita= appointment. fecha= baptismal date. SHE (Super Hermana Entrenadora.. they had to put the super in front haha) = STL (sister training leader). intercambios- companion exchanges. 

Okay now that i got that out of the way... 

I am being transfered to Jerez, on the other side of the mission.. to be a SHE! a sister training leader!! ahhh im so excited and so nervous! but, i dont like being too comfortable, you arent able to grow that way:) so i get to do intercambios with all the hermanas in my zone area. ahh! 
plus, i hear that my new area is beautiful! and HOT. soo, ill let yall know how that goes:) 

it has been quite the week! we had some form of intercambios almost everyday.. haha tuesday hna smith came with us because her comp went to the mission home for trainers training. then wednesday our SHE came early and spent the night with us. Thursday, i headed out on a 3 hour bus to Alicante to be with her comp for intercambios. Then friday i came back, and saturday, hna Johnson was with us as she waited for her comp to travel back from intercambios! wheewww. we were never bored though! 

ALSO, we had a pretty great week as we found a few news and set FOUR new fechas!! one with a reference of a member, and the other three are new investigators, all african, all live in the same piso. so we were able to teach them all and they all committed to a fecha for the 7th of june. milagros! i hope they are all able to continue learning and be baptized all these days. im sad i have to leave!

i was in denial about leaving Cartagena.. this is the best place with the best ward! Saying goodbye to the members was like saying goodbye to my ward back home. one of the bishops daughters asked if i could stay a few more weeks, hahah. and his wife asked if i had found anyone here that i could come back and marry so that i can live there. and i was like umm nope. not looking for that. ahh im gonna miss everyone here! all the members, converts, investigators, and missionaries. there are lifelong friendship that you make on the mission.

im also so sad to leave my comp. she's the BEST!!!! 

Well this Wednesday i head off on a long bus ride out to Jerez! I'm sad to leave! but excited for the new adventures:) this will give me the opportunity to grow even more. i have the strong belief that we dont get callings because we are qualified or ready for them. we get them so that we can raise our bar and be raised to that standard. that was true with me with training, and definitely true for me now. 

trust in the Lord!!!

love you allllllllll!!!!! thanks for the prayers and support:)

and family, dont have too much fun in Orlando without me!!

con amor, 
hermana knowles 




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