Sunday, July 12, 2015

The struggle is real (29 June 15)

Heyyyyy family,
> How has your week been!? Well, mines been pretty crazy. Basically I
> was just riding the struggle bus the whole week. (Apparently that's
> something they say now according to my comp.. But I think it's just a
> weird Michigan thing).
> As an overview.. Monday we went to Rota for pday! And saw some pretty
> places, and ate some ice cream at a baskin robins! Didn't even now
> that existed in Spain but we were stoked! Then we had some great
> lessons with two of our investigators and a less active member.
> Tuesday.. I don't even remember.
> Wednesday we both headed in a five hour train to go to Jaen for
> intercambios! Jaen is one of the prettiest places I've seen here in
> Spain. It was such a fun intercambio! I went with hermana Anderson,
> and we found 8 news in one night! I just wish it was in our area cuz
> we need that.. Haha but now they have some great new people:) and we
> did a lot of walking up a bunch of hills in the HEAT.
> Thursday we worked with them some more, then headed the five hour trip
> back! Yay. I love traveling.. But it was my half birthday! Cheehoo
> Friday, my comp went to Sevilla for her final interview with pres, so
> I went with the Hermanas in puerto. Then we had a great work activity
> and watched meet the Mormons! I finally got to see it!!
> Saturday, we had weekly planning, then taught a few lessons. And then
> i dropped this super heavy pan on my toe and thought I broke it, cuz
> it hurt so bad and the pain would not go away! It was the most painful
> thing ever!! Ahh. But now it's bruised pretty cool and I can walk on
> it fine, so it's all good:)
> And yesterday was church!
> Basically, we spent almost three days out of our area, which was a
> struggle! So we had some really great numbers. Lol.
> And it is SO HOT. And I know it's probably hot in other places and
> back home, but at least you have air conditioned cars and air
> conditioned homes! Why don't they believe in air conditioning here!!??
> Gosh. You just can never escape it. So we walk around in the heat of
> the day, and no one else will leave there house cuz of the heat. But
> honestly, I believe that the Lord is giving me a lot of strength to
> push through it, cuz it doesn't bother me as much as it should!
> And now, we are in this super pretty pueblo called Arcos de la
> Frontera! Someone said we should go, so we decided last night and now
> we are in one of the coolest places in southern Spain! I have lots of
> cool pics to show!
> This week, our president leaves and our new president comes! So it's
> quite the exciting week here in the Spain Malaga mission.
> Even though it was a bit of a tough week, I have learned a lot. I know
> the lord is blessing me and helping me to reach more of my potential.
> He is shaping me more into the missionary and daughter of God that I
> should be. I have developed more patience, more faith, more diligence,
> and more knowledge. Through Christ and his Atonement, we all have the
> opportunity to repent and to change ourselves and our nature. Through
> Him, all is possible. I'm so grateful for my savior, and I will do all
> I can to dedicate my time to him.
> Thank you for all of your prayers and love and emails! They mean a lot!
> Les quiero muchisimo!
> Love,
> Hermana Knowles

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