Sunday, July 12, 2015

JEREZ. So demba (1 June 15)

Sorry this is late. Alyssa is in her new area on the other side of the country in Jerez de la Frontera. 

Her new address is:

Plaza las serranas No. 5, 1B
11401 Jerez de la frontera

She always enjoys letters. 

> From:
> Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2015 11:23:02 +0200
> Subject: JEREZ. So demba
> To:
> Sooo... This is my very first email written from my IPAD!!!!! Hahah I
> am currently sitting in a McDonald's in the Malaga train station:)
> writing emails with their free wifi!! Toma. Hahah
> It has been a crazy awesome week!! I'm not sure if I'll be able to
> remember if all...
> Monday- pday we signed transfer journals and tried on some parachute
> pants. And had a great noche de hogar and said some really hard
> goodbyes :(
> Tuesday- we had district meeting and the elders made us a delicious
> paella!! Then some more farewells!
> Wednesday- started the long trek to the other side of the mission to
> jerez! Finally got there at about 9:45'at night.. Ugh
> Thursday- we did weekly planing, and then visited with some menos
> activos and investigators,
> Friday- we went to Cadiz (holy cow that place is so beautiful) and had
> a meeting with the zone and got IPADS!! Woohooo!!! And then a member
> is teaching us how to dance flamenco:)
> Saturday- lots of walking. Haha
> Sunday- church with my new ward! Ahh the church building is so big
> (for Spain) and so far.. Like a 40 min walk. I'm used to living 2 mins
> away! The ward is awesome.
> We were also able to add 3 new investigators. 2 are references from a
> member, and they are Chinese. So one thing about Spain is there are a
> lot of "chino" stores that are all really cheap and have everything,
> and I guess they have some deal with the government. But, we went and
> visited them, and just the daughter speaks Spanish, so she was able to
> translate for her mom. BUT, we were able to use our awesome new IPADS
> and show some things in chinese! I'm so excited to use these tools to
> progress the work like we couldn't before. :)
> The lord is blessing us and guiding us to great new people!
> Now we are in Malaga, we left at 5:45 this morning to take a train
> here, because we are having concilio, a meeting with all the SHEs and
> zone leaders and APs. I'm really excited!
> A little about Jerez, madre Mia it's BEAUTIFUL! They have the
> prettiest buildings and trees and brick roads and fountains and
> statues.. I'm in love. It's definitely the prettiest area I've served
> in. I'll have to take some pics and send them next week!
> So as SHEs, we will be doing intercambios (exchanges) every week. We are over 5
> companionships of Hermanas from a few different zones. I'ts going to
> be such a great opportunity to learn from all these hermanas!
> Oh. And my comp hermana read is the best!! She's from Michigan, and
> this is her last transfer. We have a lot of the same interests and the
> same sense of humor, so we clicked right away! I don't know how I've
> been blessed with such great companions!! We've already had way too
> much fun. And we are working really hard to find, teach, and baptize!!
> She's so demba!
> Well, I know this church is true! And I know that as we show that we
> are working diligently,my he lord will trust us and guide us to the
> prepared people.
> Love you all!
> Con armor,
> Hermana knowles
> (Look below! Hahah vvv)
> Sent from my iPad

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