Sunday, July 12, 2015

Enjoy (22 June 15)

 Soo can you guess what!? I'm 9 months in to my mission.. I'm halfway
> through! Wow. This next half is going to fly by! I don't want it to go
> too fast!!
> It's been quite the interesting week.. Last Monday we had an awesome
> pday in Cadiz! And went out to this castle on this little island type
> thing.. It's so pretty there!
> Haha Tuesday we celebrated my nine months with some churros and
> chocolate with our district! NINE MONTHS.
> On Wednesday, we did intercambios with the Hermanas from Puerto de
> Santa Maria. Hermana Stradling came with me to Jerez! I was so happy!
> She's from my same MTC group and like my best friend on the mission!
> And were companions in the park:) it was so fun, and also so crazy
> because I had to stay in the area! I've only been there three weeks
> and our area is huge and super confusing.. It was a bit stressful. But
> I learned so much from hermana stradling! I'm sure much more than she
> learned from me;)

> Thursday, we all went to Cadiz and had a special zone conference with
> president and hermana Deere. They are heading home at the end of this
> month, so they were coming as a farewell. They are the best! And I'm
> going to miss them a ton. Our new president, President Anderson, comes
> the 30th of this month. Big changes!

> Also, that day we did intercambios with the Cadiz Hermanas and Hermana
> Estes came with me to Jerez. She's such a great missionary! And
> graduated from Centennial high school.. I had no idea?! So I had two
> full days in my area on intercambios.. Haha I was so stressed. But it
> ended up okay:) I love my call because I love being able to serve with
> these Hermanas and learn so much from them. Sometimes I sit and wonder
> why I was called to be a SHE.. Cuz I just feel these Hermanas are so
> much better than me! But, I know the lord has a reason for everything,
> and it's a time for me to learn and grow, and I get to learn so much
> from everyone I serve with. Plus it's a lot of fun:)
> We were able to find a few new people this week! We have an awesome
> new family, that has already become like our family here. And then we
> added this guy and his mom, who excitingly accepted baptismal fechas
> in the first cita!
> Saturday.. Was a very rough day haha. This catholic lady argued with
> us about how we should do baptism, it was HOT, we had to walk up the
> hill of death five times, and the three fechas we had, all dropped
> their baptismal dates. We had one that was supposed to be baptized
> this Saturday, but it seems she needs more time, which was a little
> disappointing because I felt she was so ready! We're not sure what she
> needs..
> Im also really frustrated with all the people who promise.. Promise
> that they will come to church. And DONT COME. Gahhhh! But I know
> everyone has their albedrio, their agency. as long as we invite and
> teach and serve with all our might, we've done our part and there's
> nothing more we can do. God will bless us for our efforts. I just wish
> they could understand the joy they will receive as they accept the
> gospel!!
> Basically it was a stressful, crazy, frustrating week that was also
> full of miracles:)
> I love the mission!!!
> Have a great week! GO TO CHURCH. :)
> Con amor,
> Hermana knowles



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