Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tiring week (9 June 15)

This was one of the best, most tiring, exhausting, physically exerting weeks I've ever had on the mission. And there a lot of miracles we have seen and a lot of things that I have learned. I honestly don't know if I've ever been so tired in my life! And it's been a miracle to get through each day haha. But the Lord gives us strength! And has strengthened me a lot this week. 

We have seen a lot of great miracles. Like I said on last Sunday we added three new investigators, and we are really excited for them. Then, on Wednesday, and we were searching for a less active member, we came across this family who happened to be old investigators and had come to church twice (which is one of the requirements for baptism). So we added them all that day, and they are coming to church this Sunday and we are working to get fechas with them! It was just a miracle! We have been working really hard, and the Lord has just been giving us these people, they are just falling into our hands.  

A couple things I've learned this week.. 

First.. Apparently no one here believes that hot dogs are real meat hahah. I forgot to mention it last week but my new comp is basically vegetarian too (2 comps in a row.. Haha) because any kind of meat or milk makes her sick. But she'll still eat it sometimes:) haha but she says this to members and they prepare us this "special food" that doesn't have meat, but there's always hot dogs in it! Like yesterday we are at a members house and she said "oh hermana I remembered you could eat meat so I made something special." And comes out with rice with hot dog pieces haha. And apparently this has happened several times! 

Second, satan will try anything to interrupt the work! We had several awesome spiritual lessons where we were about to invite them to baptism, but then their drunk roommate comes in and says we are trying to tell him his black phone is yellow (hahah, idk..) or their mother in law comes in and starts going off about the kids. Or he just makes us really tired and really hot! Did I mention it's really hot?!? But, we won't let him do that! He can't get to us! 

We were able to set a fecha with one of our investigators! Which was a miracle because we have been teaching her for months:) we are so excited for her. 

Also, I've learned that if you can understand the andalucian accent, you can understand any Spanish. 

On Monday and Tuesday we went to fuengirola for concilio with president Deere. It was so great! We listened to some great tallers (talks/workshop in English?) and were able to learn a lot. I love concilio! 

Then on friday we had zone meeting in Cadiz, and Hna read and I gave a taller about John 15, explaining the relationship we have with Christ as his servants. I love the wording when he calls us friends. :) and it also gives us counsel and blessing. go read that chapter! 

It was a great week! We were able to find a lot of news and see a lot of miracles. The Lord is truly blessing us. 

Have a great week! And go to church! And pray! and read!! 

Hna knowles 

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