Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yo no sé que debo poner aqui


How the heck is it Monday otra vez? 

Pues, its been a good week! I started it out in Murcia on intercambios for Monday and Tuesday, because my compie and another hermana´s compie had to go to the mission home to do residency. So we had some really great experiences there! 

Wednesday, we got lost AGAIN taking a bus out to a members house to eat (haha whoops.) and we visited with one of our recent converts, and taught a lesson to one of our investigators from Ecuador who always makes us dinner when we come by! people spoil us here. even investigators! 

Thursday, we had weekly planning and we visited a reference from a member, and it was one of the most memorable lessons we´ve ever had. She was a young mom, who was just weighed down with problems and challenges in her life. She was crying to us as she expressed some of her feelings she was having. As we were sharing our message, she explained that was she has been looking for is an opportunity from God to fix her life, and to get rid of these bad feelings. And she then told us that she knows that this is that opportunity. as we were leaving, we asked if there was anything we could do for her, and she said that this has already helped her so much. ahh! just the perfect example of someone who had been earnestly seeking the truth without knowing where to find it. sadly, she doesnt live in our area so the other hermanas are teaching her, but thats okay:) we are all part of the seach!

We also had a really interesting lesson in a tobacco shop with the owner. (before you all freak out, that's where we have to go to buy stamps. never knew it would be a good finding activity!) he wasn't interested in changing but he said how amazed his was of our courage and our service for what we believe. I hope we were able to plant a seed in his heart. 

We also learned this week that brownies can be a good way to bribe your teenage investigators to listen to you haha:) it worked for us! 

Friday, we had a conference with our stake president about how we can animate the members into missionary work. we can't do it without them!! 

"Missionaries are full time teachers, members are full time finders."

Then we went with Abraham, our RC, to go to find his sister and to eat pizza! Sadly she wasn't there working, so we got ice cream, but its so cool to see how eager he is to share the gospel with his family:)

Saturday, we played futbal with some investigators and missionaries! and I had a really awkard experience avoiding besitos (kisses) from one of the men. hahah oh boy. When men go in for that its like matrix action as we try to avoid it. 

Then there was an activity at the church, festivo de las naciones! where all the members brought food and stuff from their countries, it was so fun! We taught them all the cotton eye joe. it was awesome:) 

Then, funny story of the week! we were walking home, and hna swenson was looking backwards talking to someone, then doesn't see this tree in the way, and trips, hits the tree, and falls to the ground from the impact. hahahaha then i fell to the ground laughing so hard! funny memories! 

Well thats about all! Haha looking forward to this next week! We are working hard to consecrate ourselves to the work as we prepare for some big changes in the mission:) 

Have a great week! 
Les quiero! 
Hermana Knowles

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