Sunday, April 26, 2015

7 Meses

hooolaaaaa. 7 months.. this time is just going by so fast! i cant believe it. and it keeps going faster and faster! ahh! 

Soooo.. its been a pretty good week! i dont have too much to update. Haha lets just say we´ve been working reaaallly hard to try and find NEW investigators! thats what we really need.. we were able to get a few new ones this week, two of which we set baptismal fechas with! in the first lesson! which is exciting.. BUT, they dont live in our area (im crying inside). But thats okay, as long as someone takes good care of them i am happy:) 

Also, i am in this awkward stage where i dont speak spanish OR english.. so i always get everything messed up! haha i was trying to say today, and would say tadoy, and how we got to "eat" the new hermana! (meet) Well these dont sound funny now but i promise they were in the moment aha. I CANT SPEAK ANY LANGUAGE. 

We did get a new investigator last night who is from Africa, and super open. And we were able to set a baptismal fecha with him for the 9th of may! so please play that he will be able to progress and be able to be baptized on this day.

We hit a pretty cool milestone this week.. we finally got our investigator to pray... in the name of Jesus Christ! and if you knew how long we had been trying to get him to do that for you´d know it was a BIG DEAL. He believes in the Book of Mormon, so all we had to do was show him that reference that says that we need to pray in Christ´s name. and he was like.. Oh, Okay! And afterwards we were like.. that was so easy. thats all it took?? haha so we are working hard with him for his baptismal fecha on the 9th as well! 

I love the mission! i grow to love it more and more every single day. i know will always hold on to the truths that i have learned here. and i want to challenge every one of you to strengthen the tesimonies that you already have. A member of the relief society in our ward challenged us to all read in the Book of Mormon, and to use Moroni´s promise, and pray again to receive a confirmation if the book of mormon is true, even if we have received that confirmation before. I did that, and i can just say that i know for CERTAIN that the Book of Mormon is true. It is the true word of God. And i receive this confirmation more and more everyday! so that is what i challenge you all to do. READ, and PRAY. even if you have already done it, and i promise that you will receive a strong confirmation of the truth:)

have a great week!!!
con amor,
hermana knowles :)

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