Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hay que trabajar

The beginning of a new transfer! luckily, i will be staying here in Cartagena with my companion Hermana Swenson! im so happy to be staying! Bu transfers always bring about a big change, and a new start. So we have some exciting things planned for this transfer. 

I dont think anything exciting really happened this week.. haha we have been trying hard to find new investigators, because we dont have any that are progressing at the moment, which is tough! But, we have been able to find five new investigators this week! And one of them seems really great! We found him by street contacting.. We had walked past this guy who looked to be from south america, and looked about 22-23 years old, but we had walked past thinking nothing of it. But then something just kept pushing me to walk back and talk to him. So we did! And we had a great conversation with him, and now he is investigating the church! i love those promptings of the spirit. It is so important to be listening, and waiting, for those quiet promptings to come. And as we act upon those promptings that we receive, the Lord will trust us more, and put more of those people in our path, and we will be even more receptive to the spirit. 

One of our investigators is from africa, and we have been meeting with him for a while. And we are still trying to help him get faith in Christ as our redeemer. Its frustrating, because he believes it is true, and knows what he needs to do, but wont do it! ugh. poco a poco. But we are in need of investigators who are progressing! But we have some good new ones this week that i am really excited for.

One of the things that i have been able to learn on my mission is how to be a better member. I can see the importance of visiting and home teaching, and how important members are in missionary work! We have a great example of a member missionary in our ward. We visited with this member, and when we asked him for references, he easily just gave us five different names! From a couple of his neighbors, to some lady he barely knew, to the people who even sold him tomatoes hah. I realized that they dont have to be the best of friends to try to introduce them to the gospel, but that they can be aquaintances or neighbors. Friendship doesnt need to be a prerequisite. But the gospel can be something that grows you together. So with this member we went to go contact his neighbor, who wasnt there. So we went around for almost an hour trying other neighbors and friends of his! What a great example!! 

It has been a great transfer! i cant believe how fast this time is going.. this week i will be completing 7 months! crazy. 

i hope you all have a great week! and follow the example of the member in our ward, and not be scared in sharing the gospel with friends and acquaintances. And i would love to know of anyones experiences:) 

les quiero muchísimo! 
con amor, 
hermana Knowles

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