Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Starting off semana Santa with a baptism (31 Mar 15)

hola mis queridos amigos! 
it was a whirlwind of a week.. i dont even feel like it happened! im not even sure i remember everything.. 
last pday we hiked up the mountain to the castle again! super pretty view of the port and of cartagena. So you know how in utah you can play the game "how many chapels can we see?" here, we play the game "how many castles can you see?" 
Spain is the best:)

It has also been a week of crazy weather! About 4 days ago we were wearing our coats at night.. and it was windy and cold and rainy. but now it is hot as heck! woo. the summer hasnt even started to begin. wish me luck! 

oh.. and did i mention we had a BAPTISM!!! of our amigo Abraham!! he is the most humble and sincere guy i know. we are so so happy for him! he had a great baptismal service this last saturday night. He was so prepared. And he is the best new addition to the church! 
Anf after the baptism we went with him, and and a couple other members and missionaries and celebrated with CHURROS and chocolate! the best! 

The only sad part of our week was that a few of our really great and promising investigators dropped us.. one who said that she had gotten in trouble by her boss (she works in a piso taking care of an older man, so we would talk to her at the door) and said that she wouldnt be able to talk to us anymore, also our other promising one is moving to switzerland! ahh! and a couple others that just told us they werent interested.. that was a little rough. but we are finding!! all is well! 

also, last night we set a baptismal fecha for one of our other investigators! he has a bit of way to go though, we have been meeting with him for a few months and have still be trying to help him find faith in Christ. But, he ended his prayer saying "please help me for be baptized." there is nothing more sincere than that! 

Today, we had a sweet zone pday! visiting all these historical sites in Cartagena. we visited a castle, a roman theater, and some other roman ruins. Cartagena has some really cool history! 

This week is Semana Santa (holy week) here in spain! So there are prossesions and parades everyday. Hopefully we will be able to see one this week!

This is a great time to remember give thanks for what Christ did for us. Becuase of Him, we are able to be clean again. Because of him. we can overcome our shortcomings, and rid ourseselves of these feelings of guilt or sadness that we have. Because of Him, we can have more peace and joy that we can imagine!  Because He lives, we too will live again. I know with all my heart that these things are true, becuase i have tasted of this happiness and felt the hands of his mercy in my life. God loves us so much that He gave his only begotten son to atone for the sins of the world. I hope you can all take advantage of what He did for us, and taste of this joy for youselves. 

Watch and share the video #becausehelives :)

love you all! 
also, watch and enjoy general conference! this is a great time to here the words of our prophets and apostles of God! im STOKED:) 

have a great week! 

hermana Knowles

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