Saturday, May 9, 2015

Consecration = miracles

hooollaaaaaaa! we have had a great week with some cool miracles as a companionship and as a mission! this was our semana de consagración, or our week of consecration. we set some hard goals and consegrated ourselves to the work as we buckled down and worked for our goals! we found a lot of new investigators and we surpassed our goal for baptismal dates as a mission. I know as we consecrate ourselves for the work, that the Lord will bless us for our efforts and put these prepared people in our path. 

a coupled of cool little miracles we had this week..
one of our investigators who had not been progressing the least bit, had come to church last week. and something has changed in her. She has started singing hymns, praying, and reading!! this is HUGE. haha she has read four chapters in the Book of Mormon in one day and said she couldnt put it down. We are so excited for her! and have some good things planned. 

we were able to find 6 new investigators this week. One day we were walking around, and decided we should drop by an old investigators piso to see if they were there. He never had been there in the past. But we got there just as he was preparing to leave. so we were able to share a short message, say a prayer, and set another cita. if we had shown up five minutes later he wouldnt have been there. and the same exact thing happened with another old investigator an hour later. this is what happens when we consecrate ourselves, the Lord will find a way to put these people in your path or lead you to them in the right time. 

on saturday, our RC abraham took us out to his sisters pizzeria, so we were able to meet her and her sons. i love how excited he is about sharing this with others! he also gave us these little pins for his one month mark, of an eagle carrying a book, that he says is the Book of Mormon haha. and the eagle represents us as we search with eagle eyes to find the people who are prepared to receive the gospel! hes the BEST! 

well we have some really exciting things planned for this week!! tomorrow, we head to sevilla in an 8 hour bus ride for a mission wide conference to talk about our ipads! unfortunately, apple hasnt finished our order, so we should get them in about 2 week.s which probably means more like 6 months haha. we´ll see. pray for the ipads! 
we will also have some members of the 70 come and speak with us. we are super excited to hear their inspiring words as well! 

les quiero un montón!  
hermana knowles

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