Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Seis messes (16 Mar 15)

For all of you that dont know.. that means ive completed 6 MONTHS as of today! crazyy! haha

Okay but really, im not sure where this time has gone. But also i feel like i have been here forever, its this weird paradox on the mish..

sooooo.. IT HAS BEEN SUCH A GOOD WEEK. ill do a day by day so i can make sure i get it all in:)

monday- pday! we went and played sports at the capilla (surprise, its not like we´ve done that for the last 4 pdays, or like we´re doing that again today. haha jkits fun) then had a FHE at a members house!

Tuesday- we got 2 new investigators, one who is from ecuador, and one who  is from Africa, and we set THREE baptismal fechas with them both, and another investigator! milagro!

Wednesday- PISO PROBS. ill just say one of my biggest fears about training as far as the spanish goes was if we had some sort of piso problems. i know the spanish for the lessons and all, but for piso stuff no.. and guess what! Its been a week full of piso probs. Our above neighbors pipe broke and leaked water into our piso, and then these guys had to come paint this room, but as they were moving the washing machine they broke it and flooded the room with 4 inches of water! that was an adventure. and then we had to get our washer fixed! what an adventure. but hey all is well! and that day we also got another new inv! 

luckily, our neighebor is awesome and helps us out a lot. she also feeds us and does our laundry sometimes, and always lowers it down to us from her window. its hilarous! 

Thursday- weekly planning, plus an awesome eating cita at a members house, with no other lessons.. haha

friday- district meeting! and we got two more news! the mother and brother of my favorite member Leo! im so excited for them!! then we had clase de inglés and a FHE at Diegos. 

Saturday- cleaned the church, ate at a members house (everyone just feeds us pasta now cuz my comps vegetarian..) had some great lessons! and got ANOTHER new that our investigator brought along! 

sunday- we had two investigators come to church!! one has a fecha, and is preparing well for baptism! im so excited for him! 

So in all, we got 7 news! and set 3 fechas!! we saw some miracles this week! and i am so excited to see how everything plays out! i have definitely seen the hand of the Lord in everything i do. And i know that i couldnt do any of this without him. I have been able to see the change in people as they are making these changes in their lives so that they are living in harmony with the gospel. Ive seen the joy that it brings as we live it! This truly is the true restored gospel that we have. And it is the only path to eternal happiness. 
I also believe that that there are even more miracles when there is a new missionary. My comp is great! and is always wanting to work hard and talk to everyone! So we have seen a lot of success from that:) i am so blessed to be here on the mission! 

Les quiero!!! 
Hermana Knowles

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