Sunday, August 30, 2015

Muñecas, fuego, y fetching perros (24 Aug 15)

Hola familia! I'm not really sure what to say or how to write about
how our week was here. I'll just say it was full of ups and downs, and
twists and turns. I think it was a hard week for everyone haha but
it's a new week now! New opportunities!

Mentally and physically it was just a little rough, but despite all of
that, some great things happened! As well as some super funny stories.
I'll start with the funny ones and then get to our miracles:)

So.. We had a cita with this member, and we were sitting there talking
to her when her son who was about 7 comes in and says "mom, I want to
watch the tv." And she says well go watch it! And he says "but mom the
muñeca is in there!" a muñeca is a doll, and this little boy was
terrified of this porcelain doll that they had in their house! Haha he
and the older brother were so scared of it that they couldn't sleep at
night, and it was this beautiful doll!! So the mom was like well hey
do you want it?? And we were like are you serious?! And she said yeah!
It was an expensive gift from my aunt and I can't keep it in the house
anymore, so do you want it? And she gave us the muñeca and we carried
it with us for the rest of the night hahaha.

Saturday we went to go visit daiana and as we got there she was taking
their dogs out to the bathroom. So we went up and talk to her and all
the sudden I feel something warm on my leg and this freaking demon dog
that she's taking care of now was peeing on my leg! IT PEED ON MY LEG!
Hahahah we were laughing so hard that we were crying! I was so angry
haha. And the worst thing was that there had been a fire in the
building and they didn't have water! So I got a waterbottle and washed
it off. Fetching perros. Los amo pero los odio.

I also just learned not to eat jello here.. It's not the same.. And a
lot of the time it's made of meat..

So we also saw a lot of small miracles here! They are always there,
even when it's a hard week. We have our new inv Raquel, she is
awesome! She has gone through a lot, and I mean a lot, but is still
super faithful. She says that she has talked to missionaries on and
off since she was 16 and in Brazil, and also found them in Argentina,
and Paraguay, and now here in Spain! And she says that she thinks that
God keeps putting this in her path and that she feels like it's her
time to do something about it. We had a great lesson and the spirit
was so strong! She accepted a fecha for the 12 of September, it's just
a little hard for her to come to church for health and for her
daughter. Please pray for her!

Also we had a great lesson with one of our less active members and his
parents. We (and by that I mean my comp) cooked some delicious
Peruvian food for them and then we taught them. They are great! A lot
of the time the dad just wants to argue and stuff, but the mom is
super receptive. She actually accepted a fecha for the 12th as well,
but she's still not so sure. But she said she will pray about it and
work for it. I know that as we show God that we are striving to do His
will that he will bless us with His spirit and give us a confirmation
that it is what we should do. I have seen that so much on the mission!

One thing the Lord expects us to do is to use our agency. We learn
correct principles and learn to govern our lives, but we still go to
the Lord and get a confirmation if that is what we are supposed to do.
We can see that is true with the brother of Jared, that the Lord asked
him "What will ye that I should do that ye may have light in your
vessels?" What he did is that he went, pondered about it, thought of a
solution, did the work, and when he had done all he could he went to
the Lord and asked Him to fill the stones with light. And He did. This
is what the Lord expect us to do as well. We use inspiration and
judgment, and receive the confirming seal from the Lord. That's how I
decided to go on a mission! How I decided where to go for school, and
how I'll probably make a lot of hard decisions in my life. We have
wisdom and agency, we need to use it! As long as we confirm it with
the Lord.

Well hey, I love you all! Hope you have a great week! Read your
scriptures and pray EVERYDAY. And do family home evenings:) and
fetching GO TO CHURCH. Don't go out partying late Saturday night and
sleep in till 2 and miss church. (That happens here wayyyyy to often.)
be smart!!!
That's all, thanks for everything!

Con amor,
Hermana Knowles

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