Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bautismo (3 Aug 15)

Hello my favorites! It's been an awesome week! And crazy. I'm pretty
sure I say that about every week but it's because it's true! That's
the mission life.
Well a lot of big things have happened this week so I'll just say some
of the highlights! We had intercambios with the Jaén Hermanas this
week, so Hna Hurtado and I both went out there.. In a five hour
train.. And we did splits! It's always so fun! We saw some pretty cool
miracles there as well. Plus the place is BEAUTIFUL. It's all built on
a mountain so all these streets go straight up but it's super pretty
and really tiring. Haha it was great!
Then when we got back, we headed straight to see Daiana and she had
her baptismal interview!! And Friday, for medio dia we went to their
house and ate, and helped get everything ready for the  baptism and
the ward party afterwards. And then we had the most beautiful baptism
ever! It was so great. There was so much support from the ward. And
from her extended family! All her family came (basically they are all
investigators so it was awesome!) and Mirian, Daiana's mom, shared the
most beautiful testimony. Little miracles that I don't know if I
shared last week. But she is walking!! Mirian got in a really bad
accident a few months ago, and was in the hospital for a while and
then on bed rest for months.. She has just started physical therapy,
and has progressed super fast! It's been a miracle! Now she walks
around like its nothing:) ahh! What a beautiful day!
That night afterwards we had another awesome "diverviernes" ward
activity after the baptism. We had a lot of people that came!
We added a new investigator this week named Julio Cesar. He's the
boyfriend of an investigator that just moved back from Germany. They
are so cute! They're in their early 20s and have been together since
they were like 12 (crazy huh) and they want to get married. He's
listened to the missionaries before, but this is Marta's first time.
As we were teaching the plan of salvation she began to cry. She felt
the spirit testifying to her that this was the truth and that this is
what the Lord wants for her. What a miracle! We are super excited for
Last night we had a lesson with José and Martín. They both had fechas
for this Saturday, but we decided to move it to next weekend so they
can be more prepared. José said yes yes! I'm ready for that day.
Martín wasn't sure if he was prepared, but he said he would pray to
know if that was his day. Ahhhh I'm super excited for them as well!
Now we are sitting at McDonald's in the train station in Malaga. We
have missionary leadership council or consejo with our president
today. It's always the best!! So I'll send more updates on that later.
Have a great week!! Love you all!
Con amor,
Hermana knowles

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