Sunday, August 30, 2015

Consejo, intercambios, entrevistas, reuniones, y 10 meses!! (20 Jul 15)

 ¿Qué tal mi querida familia?

> It's been such a good week here in Jerez! And Malaga and fuengirola
> and San Fernando and Cadiz.. Haha we've been everywhere this week!
> And hey guess what.. I've completed 10 months!

> This Monday to Tuesday all the sister training leaders and zone
> leaders headed up to fuengirola to the mission home for conciliejo.
> (It used to be called concilio but now it's consejo but i always get
> confused and usually end up mixing them together haha). It was the
> first one that we've have with our new president! It was great to be
> able to get to know him a little better, and to work together with him
> to better our mission here. Plus it's always super fun to see all the
> other missionaries from all over! We normally get to Malaga at 11 am
> on Monday, so we can have time for pday there. And then we head to the
> mission home at around 6, and they feed us, then we have the
> leadership counsel and talk about our mission and what things we are
> doing well and how we can do better. Then we end, eat some ice cream,
> and then head to bed. And the next morning we all get up, eat, and
> continue the meeting. Then it's a mad rush as they take us to the
> mission office and we run to get all the stuff for our zone, and then
> we have to run and catch the train to Málaga to take our train to our
> areas. Haha we had 3 minutes to get from one train to the next and we
> made it!

> On Monday with our free time we headed to fuengirola to see some of
> our favorite people! Since me and hermana Hurtado both served there!
> So we went with the Hermanas who are serving there, our inv Andrea
> (who was finally able to get married and baptized!) and our less
> active member Ernesto that we would visit all the time. We ate some
> kebab and walked around the centro, and then went to visit my recent
> convert Rafael in his beach kiosk! Ahhh it was the best! They were all
> my favorite people ever!

> Wednesday we had weekly planning, and also a very interesting
> intercambio with some of our Hermanas! I had a great time here in
> Jerez with Hna Judy, my fellow idahoan hermana! I'll just say I think
> it was good for them to have that break haha. It was so fun though.

> And then on Thursday we went to San Fernando for the morning to have
> interviews with president Anderson. And on Friday we went to Cádiz for
> zone meeting, and my companion and I gave a taller about being a
> disciplined disciple. We talked about that in our consejo, and how we
> can grow to become true disciples of Christ through discipline.

> Okay I've got some pretty funny stories from this week. Hahah okay.
> During our zone meeting, our zone leader elder Marchant was giving a
> super good taller, and apparently I was really hungry or something,
> because my stomach make the loudest, longest, most horrific growl.
> hahaha. Like no joke, the elder In front of me turned around and said
> what the heck?! And people like 3 rows back heard it haha. I was dying
> laughing but couldn't laugh cuz it was during a spiritual taller so it
> made it even worse haha. But afterwards, I had to apologize to elder
> Marchant for disrupting it, to which he then asked if he could cast
> out the demon that was inside my stomach. Oh man. Now it's just the
> biggest joke.
> The next day, we were trying to contact some old investigators,
> without having much luck. So we rang the doorbell of this guy, and he
> comes out on his porch and starts yelling at us, just covering himself
> up with a towel or something. Let's just say now I'm scarred for
> life..
> Basically a lot more happened that I can't remember now haha. It was
> just NOT my week.

> Some great things happened this week though! We set fechas with two of
> our investigators this week. Their names are Jose and Martin and
> they're 14. They're both cousins, and related to some other members as
> well. We are super excited for them! They love the church, have come
> several times with their cousin, and want to receive the answer that
> it's true. so their fechas are for the 8th of August. Pray for them
> please!
> We were in a lesson with our new investigator named Marta, who is 19
> and the girlfriend of the son of our investigator. We had a member
> with us, and she was sharing her experience with the Book of Mormon
> and in the middle of her testimony, Marta got major goosebumps and
> showed them to us. She's like I know this is true! I can feel it! It
> was so awesome! I love the power of the testimonies of members. And
> also of the Book of Mormon. It is true!!

> I'm so happy to be here on the mission. I'm learning a lot and
> becoming so much closer to my Heavenly Father. Sé con todo mi corazón
> que esta es la iglesia verdadera, que esto es el reino del Señor aquí
> en la tierra. Sé que dios nos ama, y nos conoce personalmente, y
> quiere que seamos felices. :)

> Les quiero!
> Hermana Knowles

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