Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hola familia (13 July 15)

 Holaaaaa familia!

> Well, it's been another crazy week here in Jerez. It was transfers, my
> compie died, and now we are here in Malaga for concilio for the
> mission leaders. With our new mission pres!! Woo!

> We have been seeing some Milagros here! Seriously all last transfer we
> didn't have much.. But in the last two weeks we have found a bunch of
> new investigators who are great! Ahhh I'm so excited for this
> transfer.

> Monday- we paint air soft! Woo pday! Then we had a cita with our
> investigator Flor, and I, so obsessed with her and her granddaughter!
> They're from the Dominican Republic, and the baby is so cute. She's
> nine months old, and white with curly hair! So they call her my hija:)
> Tuesday, we literally ran around all of Jerez saying goodbye to
> everyone for hermana read! It was an insane day. And so hot. I don't
> understand how it's 10:15 at night, and we are in a piso still
> sweating cuz of the heat. Gosh.
> Wednesday I said goodbye to hermana read! And my new comp hermana
> Hurtado came! We went and visited some less active members and they
> invited us to stay for lunch, so we helped cook with them.
> Thursday we weekly planned, and then we met with Flor and set a
> baptismal fecha with her for the 1 of August! She is so awesome! Then
> we added a new inv named Jaime and set a fecha with him for the same
> day.
> Friday we had district meeting and then ke-baptized elder beans new
> comp! (He ate kebab for the first time hahah) then we taught English
> class, and met with our less active member shiguedy and his
> girlfriend, who is our new investigator. she is so cute and has a big
> desire to know that it's true! We set a fecha with her for the first
> as well! It's gonna be a great day then:)
> Saturday we met with some investigators, and then had a noche de hogar
> with our favorite family! And with set a new fecha with our
> investigator Daiana for the 2nd of August.:) also some freaking niños
> threw lemons at us in our super chungo area. But it's cool, everyone
> needs a few stories like that in their mission right?

> It's been such a cool week! We are seeing a lot of miracles and I'm
> stoked for this transfer! My comp is a maquina, and I feel as if we
> teach really well together! Everyday we see amazing things! I love
> being his instruments in this work.

> Love you all!!
> Love, hermana knowles

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