Sunday, August 30, 2015

Amazing experiences (27 July 15)

> Mi querida familia! Madre mía, hemos visto un montón de milagros esta
> semana! Estoy tan animada!
> Pues.. We have seen a lot of really cool things this week! Ahhh. So
> many cool experiences. My companion and I set a really big goal to
> find as many new investigators as we could.. So we ran around like
> locas the whole week trying to find. And we saw some super cool
> miracles!
> I've found that service really does work as you are finding. There is
> a lady who lives in the same building as our less active that we
> visit, and we've tried contacting her before, and she always just said
> ooh maybe later, another day. Well, as we were leaving this building,
> we saw her struggling to take her bags up the stairs, and we offered
> to help. After we took them up the 3 flights of stairs, she invited us
> right in and we taught her a great lesson! Bam! Finding through
> service.
> So last week I don't think I included in my email our terrifying
> experience when a guy came to our piso in the middle of the night..
> Haha it was like 12:30 and we were sleeping, when we hear a pounding
> on the door. My comp goes over to see who it was but was just talking
> through the door. And it sounded like some drunk guy who just kept
> yelling "let me in! Open the door!" And obviously we were freaking
> out.. Then we come to find out it was our elderly neighbor who was
> telling us we were throwing rocks down the vents?? Anyways long story
> short.. We wouldn't open the door and he finally went away, but we
> were still freaking out hah. The next day we went to go talk to him,
> to tell him hey! You can't do that! But he answered apologetically,
> saying that he was mistaken and asked us for forgiveness. So we
> started chatting to him and his wife who was so sweet! So we shared a
> message and they said we could come back. Bam! Two more news.
> Funny side story for that.. While the guy was pounding at our door we
> didn't know what to do so we called the elders. This is the elder's
> version of our phone call.. "Hey, are you okay?" -me (I said awake..
> But he misunderstood haha) "yeahhh..." -elder "were you sleeping?"-me
> "yes, but not anymore" (claro) - elder "oh good. Well I'm glad you're
> okay cuz there's an ax murderer trying to get in our piso." Hahaha.
> It's so much better when he says it. Anyways we're safe no worries!
> We had a lot more amazing experiences.. Too many to count! But the
> biggest miracle of them all.......
> Daiana, our inv whose mother and brother are recent converts, has had
> a new fecha for the 31st of July, but she was still iffy about it, so
> we didn't know if it would really happy. But, Tuesday morning she
> called us, and asked what we were doing. We said oh, heading out to
> district meeting! And she said "oh cool, well Hermanas, I was just
> called to say that I'm for sure getting baptized on the 31st." We
> flipped out!! Oh my goodness!! DAIANA IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS
> FRIDAY!!:)
> We had the best ward activity on Friday night! We have the coolest
> ward. Our bishop is the bomb and we are having "diverviernes" every
> Friday this summer! We had a bbq and futbal and dancing. We were sad
> we had to leave early but the party went on until 1 am! Haha. This
> next Friday will be SUPER diverviernes with Daiana's baptism before!!
> We also had some great intercambios with our chiclana Hermanas. Both
> hermana Hurtado and I went there and did splits to help them find some
> new people, cuz they are opening a new area and didn't have too many
> people. But together we found 5 news!
> Yesterday at church was the best.. We had 4 inv at church(daiana, Jose
> and Martin, and our new Muslim friend. He's come to church twice!
> Haha), 4 of our recent converts, and two of our less actives! (One
> that we had to literally go drag out of bed. Bahaha so fun.)
> Well, now we have a lot of great people to teach and are seeing a lot
> of great miracles! Jose and Martin are still preparing for their
> baptisms for the 8th of August, and they are excited to see their
> cousin Daiana's baptism!:) ahhh I love the mission! I love my comp and
> my area.
> I'm so grateful to be here. I love the mission and I love my Heavenly
> Father. And I know he loves us. So much!
> Thanks for the prayers and support:) love you all! Have the best week!
> And read your scriptures and say your prayers!! :)
> Love, hermana knowles

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