Monday, February 23, 2015


hey mi familia y mis amigos!

It has been a great week here in Cartagena full of some miracles!! Well, the truth is we see miracles every day on the mission.Its true that the Lord will put people in your path who are prepared. 

Our investigator, Juan Pedro, is progressing and preparing really well for his baptism next week!!:):) He came to a baptism on Friday, and came to church again yesterday, and had told us of the impact that the gospel has had on him. He says that now he feels complete, and feels the hand of the Lord in his life! He is so great! And he is working hard to overcome his addiction of smoking so that he can be baptized! Im am so excited for him. This shows the impact that the gospel can have on lives. Through the gospel we can feel more complete, we will always feel the love of the Lord, and see his hand as He blesses us. Please pray for him! :)

This week has been a special week for our mission, we had a goal to set 250 baptismal fechas, when normally we can about 115. And we were working hard to invite everyone we could!! I was in intercambios with Hermana Adrian (an mtc amiga!) and we saw a neat little miracle! We were going out contacting while we were waiting for our comps to get back from intercambios, and we passed by this guy waiting at a bus stop. But i felt like we needed to go back, so we went back and talked to him, and started sharing the plan of salvation with him. He was really receptive, and well, long story short, Hermana Adrian asked if as he learned more, if he would prepare to be baptized, and he said YES! And we talked to him some more and set up a cita and stuff, but it was a really cool experience!! 

On Thursday we did intercambios with the SHE´s (sister training leaders) and i was with Hermana Ancalle here in Cartagena. We were trying to visit an investigator, but she wasnt there, so we ended up toque-ing like the whole 10 story building.. and got 7 futuros out of it! 7 people who we set citas with to come back and visit this week! and one of them gave us 3 references!! it was so cool! its our edificio de oro. (golden building) haha that was a cool little miracle as well! out of about the 10 people we talked to, 7 said we could come back. ahh! milagros! 

We also set another fecha with this boy Bryan! He´s 15, so we will work with him to get him prepared for baptism as well:)

There were also FOUR baptisms this last weekend!:) one for our ward, of our good friend Sergio! and the other three was this cute little family for Barrio 3. :)

Lets just say it was a week full of milagros, i know we will see even more coming up these next few weeks:) 

les quiero muchisimo!
Hermana Knowles

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