Wednesday, February 11, 2015


ahh this week went by way to fast. i have no idea how it is already another pday??? anywho its been quite an interesting but good week. it started out with a little miracle on monday...
We finally set a cita with one of our investigators that i had never met before, and we went monday night to see him. Well, he lives in a house with about ten random people, and we went there at our scheduled time but he wouldnt answer his phone or the door (even though we could hear his phone ringing inside..) but there was this other girl who was locked out of this house and was waiting to get in too. So we were like hey, lets talk to her! and we started talking, eventually started up on the book of mormon, and she was interested! but just as we were explaining it someone opened the door, but then this girl invited us in and we sat with her and finished explaining it! and she is so awesome! So while we were talking, we saw our other investigator come down the stairs, see us, and turn around to go back up. but hna benavides called him out and made him come down. haha so it comes to find out he had been drinking, thats why he wouldnt answer us. He said he had just found out some stuff about his wife and kids, so he was upset. Long story short, we talked to him for a while and said how this gospel can help, but he has to be willing to do his part. and he said yes and that he was wanting to change and wanted us to help! it would just take a lot of patience. So that was a miracle to be able to find this girl, who is golden, and talk to our other investagator and help him out. 
With him we set a fecha for baptism to work towards! and yesterday he had promised to come to church.. but he never showed up.. UGHHHH. that is the most frustrating thing. We can do all we can as missionaries, but people need to do their part in order to change. i just want to smack that into place hahahah. but i cant. so.. 
Well, a lot more things happened this week that i dont remember. It was a week with a LOT of walking in this freezing cold wind, a lot of frustration, a lot of rejection, and a lot of miracles. So basically a normal week for us:) oh, and a lot of churros!!! (i love spain and their churros con chocolate trucks) 
We are super excited for everything we have ahead of us though. and i know the lord is helping us every step of the way. 
have a great week! love you all!
con amor, hermana Knowles

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