Sunday, March 15, 2015

I'm going to be a mom

Well... this has been quite the week! Honestly probably one of the craziest that i have had on the mission. let me begin...

Tuesday, we had interviews with president.He started by asking me ifi had any questions, and i said no, so he said he´d start with a question.. and he asked me how i handled stress. so here i am.. all clueless, saying prayer.. sciptures.. etc. and then he says "Oh good, because you are going to be  doing some pretty hard things coming up. You are going to be training a brand new missionary." and then i panicked. hahaha we were not expecting that! but, i can say that i feel very humbled that the Lord trusts me with this. Of course i am nervous, especially cuz my spanish is nowhere near perfect, and i dont have much experience, but i know that the Lord will always be there to help me through everything. And i am feeling not as stressed about it anymore.. but that may be because i have now hada week to process it;)

So.. that was crazy.. and then we had to start packing up all of my companions things and deep cleaning the piso!! (that was well needed) and my comp wasnt very excited to leave. we weresure there would be no changes because she had only been there for 2 tranfers, so it was hard for her. i sure am going to miss hermana Benavides! 

And then.. it was hna benavides´s BIRTHDAY! so we made sure to make that special for her!! 
and well, we got permission to move our baptism up, because he wnted my companion to be there as well. So instead of having it this coming saturday, we had it sunday night! WE HAD A BAPTISM!!:) 

Let me explain about him for a little. Juan Pedro was just a little miracle for us. We found him week 3 of this transfer, and he got baptized week 6!! He loved all of the discussions, and tells us how this gospel makes him feel complete again. He has had some problems in his life, but the gospel hasbeen able to help him feel this void. We were also able to help him quit smoking! We taught him the word of wisdom right away, and the elders came to give him a blessing to help him. and right after the blessing he threw  his packet of cigarretes on the table, and has not smoked since:) ahh! he is the best!! and he got BAPTIZED!!:) 

And well now, i am in Malaga. we had about a 9 hour trip yesterday from cartagena to get here, and had trainers training last night. So today is sort of our pday, because we pick up our hijos at 6! i am so excited!!:) 

anyways.. wish me luck! talk to yall next week:) 
les quiero!! 
Hermana Knowles

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