Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 2 in Cartegena

So it has been an interesting week! We finally got money so we have been able to survive!

We had a special day this last week called "Dia de Diamonte," where basically we didnt plan any citas and we went and contacted the whole day! it was a lot of work. but we had some help from the members here! Our mission goal was to get 2015 futuros, meaning each companionship needed about 20. We lograred our meta and got 2414!! milagros! (i hope you enjoy my awful spanglish) Hermana Benavides and i didnt get as many as we had hoped for.. but we did get more than 20! we did have some pretty interesting experiences that day.. hahah we had a lot of old men YELL at as.. while this one man was yelling at us and walking away, this other guy came up to us and starting saying how he had been taught by misisonaries and that he was wanting to be baptized a few years ago.. so we were thinking "oh wow, this guy is golden! this is great!" but then he continued on to say that he wasnt baptized because he had been sent to prison.. and he was only out for two days for medical reasons. and then proceded to ask us for money. hahah so.. he wasnt so golden. 
But we had some other good contacts that we are hoping to turn into investigators, because that is what we need right now! we currently dont have anyone progressing, the work is a little hard right now. but we are working hard to get it moving!! 

Well we had a pretty great pday with our zone hiking up this mountain to a castle! It reminded me a little of table rock, with sage brush and all.. except for theres not a super sick castle at the top haha. I LOVE SPAIN. 

I am growing to love the work more and more everyday. Even when its hard, or when im tired as heck, or when im just hungry (thats basically all the time, its a mission curse) and just want to rest, we keep pushing through, and have received blessings. I dont kow if i have ever been as happy as i am now. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. 

I never remember all of the things i was wanting to say.. just know that The Lord will never leave us alone. Even in moments where we forget him, He will never forget us. He is so forgiving, and is waiting for us with open arms. He invites every one to come unto him, no matter their circumstances or past. Trust in the Lord with everyone! and he will pour out blessings upon you. This is something that i have been learning thoughout my life and especially in my mission. The Lord LOVES each and every one of us. 

LOVE YOU ALL. gue tengan una buena semana! 
Con amor, Hermana Knowles

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