Thursday, October 2, 2014

Week 2 down!!

Alright, TWO WEEKS DOWN! We are already on our third week here at the CCM! That means I only have like 3 and a half more weeks left to attempt to learn Spanish. Haha the language is such a struggle for me!! Its cool though, I didn’t want to communicate with people here anyways. Just kidding, its coming, just very slowly:)

So big news of the week… my companera Hermana Lee and I got called as SISTER TRAINING LEADERS! So basically we are the zone leaders for all the sisters here at the MTC! We don’t have that many set responsabilities, but we hold interviews with all the sisters to make sure they are doing alright and see if they need any comfort or have any other needs. We are also supposed to mediate if there are any issues between companionships or anything! Our last sister training leader just left this last week to Russia! And she was such a blessing, and seriously helped me out so much my first week because it was so hard for me! Fun fact she is from Meridian. Her name is Sister Killpack and she is awesome! So it was scary for me to think that I would have to go from being the one needing a lot of comfort to being one who would provide that for others. Ether 12:27 right! All I know is that the Lord will provide a way for me to do this. :)
So the Portugese missionaries and the Russian missionaries all left this week and it was so sad! Since it is so small we have seriously just become such a big family. And you just grow to love everyone SO MUCH! And it is so cool because we get to see our MTC President and his wife everyday, and get to have a close relationship with them. I was honestly not so excited to come to this MTC because it was so small, but I love it so much!! We just got like 20 new Russian and Ukrainian missionaries this week, so our number is up to about 30 or 40! Its so interesting and so cool.

This MTC is also cool because we get to go to downtown Madrid for P-Days!! We went and saw this palace and then went to the Plaza del Sol or something like that.. haha it was so pretty. SPAIN IS SO COOL. And we get to go back today!:) P-Days are the best day of the week!! We start out with a temple session in the morning, then we get to email home, and then go out and explore Spain. Haha we feel like we are like royalty in this palace called the MTC, but we just want to go out and explore the world like those princesses do in those Disney movies. I love it here! But I am so excited to get out on the mission and be able to talk to real investigators:) and I feel like I have no time for anything here.. especially with my calling now. But my president said that anything that we aren’t able to do will be made up by the Lord ten fold. Which is pretty cool!!

We got to go to the park again this week, and I had a lot of really cool experiences! We taught like the entire restoration to this Taiwanese  girl, and she said she’d meet with some more misisonaries. But then some guy asked if we believed in elves and witches.. HAHA.

 So, they don't have Dr. Pepper here in Spain, but I was talking to two elders who are going to Russia and we were talking about how much we loved it. So on P-Day they got to go to this American store...and they brought me back Dr. Pepper!!!!:) Haha week made!! They are the best!

Oh, and I basically have the BEST companera in the world. I have no idea how she puts up with me all the day:) but we are like the same person and get along really well! Which president said was necessary to be able to be a sister training leader. I LOVE HER.

Anyways, I am doing great! BUT, I would appreciate letters pleeeease! I have hardly any time to email, plus getting letters is the best:) LOVE you all!! Thanks for all the love and support!!
Love, Hermana Knowles

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