Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Third week in Spain

Good week for Alyssa. Sorry this late. 

Another great email from Alyssa. She enjoys emails but has little time to read them and would love letters.  
I've attached a link to her blog and remind you of her facebook page which shows her contact information as well. Those will have more photos. 
We appreciate all of your support. We're very proud of Alyssa. 
Sister Alyssa Knowles 
Spain malaga Mission
Spain Missionary Training Center
4a. Planta
Calle del Templo N. 2
Madrid 28030
email address:


¡Hola familia! and friends:) 
This week has been great! My time here has gone by SO FAST. Like I have no idea how it is already p-day again!?
Good news, my Spanish is improving! haha we are actually able to give lessons like fully in Spanish! we used to always have what we wanted to say scripted out, but we haven't had to do that anymore:) slowly but surely it is happening..
Nothing really exciting happened this week.. except for General Conference!! Oh my gosh conference is the best thing ever! Especially as a missionary. It is so amazing that we have modern day apostles and prophets that lead us today. I think President Monson's talk was my favorite! about walking the path that Jesus walked. Christ walked the path of disappointment, and temptation, and pain. And he also walked the path of happiness and obedience, and the path of prayer. He understands EVERYTHING that we are going through. He has felt the joy and excitement we have felt, as well the suffering and pain. And because of that he can help us through anything! President Monson said that we should "walk the path of our Savior and follow his perfect example." He has provided a PERFECT example for us to live by. And his path will lead us safely home. So if you guys have not heard that talk yet, I recommend that you go listen to it now! And if any of you want to understand a little more about why I am doing what I'm doing, listen to the talk by Elder David A. Bednar [I've attached the talk she's referring to.] 
These last few days have been especially funny! I think we are all just losing it.. haha but the funniest one might have been in a lesson with an investigator when Sis. Lee accidently said the f word in spanish... hahaha and our teacher didn't tell us until after the lesson. But it was so funny! So my morning teacher, Bro Larrea (he's from Ecuador and he is so funny!!) is my favorite! We were in class when this Russian elder walked by and was making these sounds like errrrrrr really deeply. and Bro Larrea just said under his breath with the same voice "errrr I'm a missionary." haha it probably doesn't sound that funny, but we all found it hilarious! He says so many funny things everyday. But yes, we are all going crazy. haha
crazy thing is that we are half way done with our time at the MTC!! Time is flying!!! 
I love you all! I hope you enjoyed conference. (and if you haven't watched it.. go figure out what your missing out on.)  :) 
Hermana Knowles

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