Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last week in the MTC

This has been such a good week!!! But it has started getting sad. We
had to say goodbye to our favorite teacher early because he is going
back to Ecuador for school. So we threw him a surprise "party" with
balloons and stolen treats from the kitchen haha. Hermano Larrea
is the best. At the end, before he left, we all sang "God be with you
till we meet again." Wow. That was the hardest time I have ever had
singing that song. None of us were even able to get to the chorus,
because all of us got too choked up and were crying. We were so so
blessed to have him as a teacher. The same goes for all of our
teachers. They are all amazing! It's crazy how close we get in such a
short time, and how much love that you grow for people! I can't even
imagine how hard it will be to say goodbye to my district in four
days. They are all headed to Barcelona and I'm headed to Malaga. We
told president it's not fair to stick us together and make us love each
other so much and then rip us apart!! 

There are a lot of funny stories from this week but my favorite was Tuesday morning. haha we were in class during personal time and had opened the window, and a bee
flew in. So we were trying to shew it out but it kept flying into the
light. So someone had the bright idea to turn off all the lights and
then maybe it would be attracted to the light of the sun and fly
outside. So when we did, it went super dark in the room, and the bee
made a beeline (hahaha) straight for Sis McWhorter's face. She
screamed BLOODY MURDER. Not just an ahhh like an
aaaahhhhaahhhhahahhhhhh. hahahah and everyone ran out of their
classrooms to see what happened. It was too funny. Anyways I ended
up being the hero because I hit it mid air with a book and it died, but
that's a whole other story. 

We went to the temple this morning, and watched (most of) the session
in Spanish!! Which was soo cool! And it was my favorite session we´ve
been too. And then the temple pres and his wife took us on a tour of
the rest of the temple. It's been a great morning.

So there is a sister from Tahiti! So you know me and Sis lee were like
“Polynesian!!” We were so excited!! And we had her teach us tamure. It
was a good taste of my Hawaiian home to have here in Spain!

Anyways.. I'm going to miss everyone here so much! BUT, I am so so excited to serve the people of Malaga in just a few days!! This Sunday was amazing, and the most spiritual day we've had here yet. We watched the Joseph Smith movie, which I have seen before. But I felt the spirit more than I had ever before felt when watching it. I was able to go visit all those church sites this summer, and that was amazing, but nothing compares to the spirit I felt watching it as a missionary. I challenge you all to watch it, and think about the miracles and the responsibility we have now. You will be touched! 

Love you all so much! Thanks for the prayers and support. I'll send my new address as soon as I get it:) 

Hermana Knowles

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