Saturday, May 16, 2015


WHAT A WEEK. ill start with a short overview..

monday-pday!! we helped the hermanas change pisos. then we had an awesome FHE with our investigator and some of her family that are members! it was great!

tuesday- we started the 8 hours treacherous bus ride to the other side of the mission. we got to sevilla at about 9pm and stayed in an awesome hotel! party! (jokes haha)

wednesday- we had the first mission wide conference in the history of the mission! We had Elder Allen and Elder Dykes come and speak to us about being agents and not being acted upon, but acting ourselves. and also how we can use our new technology (IPADSSSSSSSS) to bring to pass the eternal purposes of the Lord. it was such a good day!! then we headed back to cartagena and got home around midnight. whewww.

thursday- weekly planning and noche de hogar. 

friday- clases de ingles and a noche de hogar at our favorite members house! 

saturday- we had a fĂștbal activity with lots of investigators, members, and random kids who came by:) then there was a baptism of our good friend Andrea!

sunday- we had 3 investigators come to church! one of our new ones who also brought his friend. we are so excited to be working with him and have some exciting things ahead of us! he also brought his friend. 

then.. we got to SKYPEEE!!!!:) ahh i was so so happy to be able to see my family´s beautiful faces that i miss so much! besides our slight technical problems it was the BEST. 

then we had a dinner cita at an investigator's house who brought her mom, and her friend who wants us to teach her and her daughters. i love when investigators share the gospel with their friends. its so much more effective than what we can do alone. 

i feel as if i have learned so many things this week. it has been a constant struggle to put of the "natural man" and become a saint. This we can only do through the atonement of christ. every day as we work harder we are able to accomplish this and become perfected in Christ. I'm so grateful for the opportunity that we have to repent and become better everyday, because we all have shortcoming that we need to overcome. if we humble ourselves, and become meek and submissive, we are able to do this. 

hope you all had a great week!!! love you all!
con amor, 
Hermana Knowles

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