Sunday, March 15, 2015

What a week

HOLA! madre mia, its been a good week! Full of some struggles and also some miracles, and a LOT of hours on buses! 

monday- normally its our pday, but all the trainers headed down to the mission home for a trainers training, so i said goodbye to my sweet comp in the morning and headed out on the treacherous 9 hour trip from Cartagena to Fuengirola. But it was a fun adventure! and we had a great training, with some cafe rio burritos from hermana Deere! Then we headed back to Malaga to sleep at the Hermanas piso, and we got lost on the way. 
Tuesday- Basically we had nothing to do until 6 when we went to pick up our hijos, so president let us have a pday since we couldnt monday. So we used that time and went and saw my old district in Fuen, ate some kebab, visited Andrea (my favorite investigator!) and Rafael (my recent convert).. so it was awesome! then we went to the mission home, and got paired up with our companions! I am training Hermana Swenson!! She is 20, from Sandy, Utah, has 3 siblings, is into theater, and is a vegetarian! (which now means that the members dont give us meat when they feed us. :( sad!!) she is GREAT!! the best! she also doesnt know much spanish, but claro i didnt know anything when i started either. So it has pushed my spanish skills a lot. But hey! i realized that my spanish is actually a lot better than i thought it was.. i am able to understand everything, and am able to communicate what i want to say! POR FIN!!  
Wednesday- We went and ate some lunch in the malaga train station (some good ole burger king. its like a little taste of home) then started the long bus ride back home. and got home at about 9:30, so that was all for that day! 
thursday- weekly planning! then we taught Juan Pedro, and some other investigators and had a noche de hogar. 
Friday- spent most of the day walking around. No one was home!! and talked to a lot of people in the street. But we had our NDH with my favorite member and his son! He always, without fail, feeds us sandwhiches, popcorn in a casserole dish, with two plates of chips, and coke. Its the best. 
Saturday-We cleaned the church buildings, taught a few lessons, walked around a lot again, and had correlation.
Sunday- Juan Pedro got confirmed a member of the church! and also received the priesthood! :) and a member of the 70 came and spoke to us. it was so spiritual! and then we had lunch at our bishops house which ended in a pushup contest haha:) and we found a great new investigator that we are meeting with again tonight!!:) 

This week was good! it had some rough points, but it was a great week:) and i have my great new HIJA! which has been such a blessing. she is so motivated and so willing to work. 
thanks for all the love and support! love you all! 
Hermana Knowles

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