Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Well, Jesus Loves You

Another great week in Fuengirola!!

So I’ll start out with a funny story. We were knocking on our investigators door when this man from Africa saw us and started talking to us (I’m pretty sure he was high). He tried to give us kisses on the cheeks but we said we couldn’t because we were missionaries. But we said we would love to meet with him and his wife another time. And then he said that he loved us, and that he didn’t love his wife, but that he loved us. Hahaha and Sis Folsom said "Well, Jesus loves you." and it’s been our joke ever since.

Ahh there is so much that happens everyday! So everyday we get up at 7, work out, get ready, eat, study for two hours, and then leave at 11 to go proselyte until 2. Then we come back for medio dia (the Spanish SIESTA time) and eat and study till five. And then we go out and work until 10! And we don’t get dinner... I love it though!

We had some great lessons this week! We set another fecha (baptismal date) for our investigator Carlos, so please pray that he will be able to come to church because he is golden! Salvador is our other investigator with a fecha. And we had the greatest and most spiritual lesson with him this week. And I was able to speak more! But he told us that he thinks that I was sent there to teach him the gospel. And that we were both angels sent there to help him in his life. How amazing is that??  It shows the power that the Lord gives us to do this work because I know there is no way that I could be doing this on my own. 

There is another investigator that we teach that is from India, and she knows NO Spanish and NO English. They are the most interesting lessons ever. They use a LOT of hand motions and a lot of random Spanglish like "husband.. restaurant.. comida.. gusta.. poquito poquito.. husband.." hahahaha. We were about to drop her because we couldn’t communicate, but as we were walking out she stopped us and said "come.. casa.. later. I like.. feeling.. when you´re here." again.. The spirit is so powerful! 

So many stories! We had our first zone meeting in Malaga. Our zone has 40 missionaries! They just combined our district with this zone, because the other one was sooo far away for us. So now we have a giant zone. haha but afterward we all got pizza and that was awesome. Yesterday we had stake conference, in Grenada which is about two hours away haha. But one of our investigators came which was awesome!! 

The Spanish is coming along.. slowly but surely. and now the lessons have been more balanced because I can speak more! But I still can’t hold normal conversations on the street. Last pday, we went to this little pueblo called Mijas, which is a white little town in the mountains and is SO PRETTY! so we got pizza there with our district and made our own chocolate bars at this famous little place! so cool. 

I know that the Lord gives me so much strength and power as I do His work, and that I couldn’t do any of it without him. We really have a power in this calling. It’s not normal for people to give their home address and phone number to some random 20 yr old kids, but it happens every day because they can feel the spirit in our message. It’s amazing to experience:)
Now to answer a view questions.  My comp and I are crazy together. She’s like me on steriods haha. I love my district! There are we three hermanas and six elders. But really only 4 because the other two are the office elders and they never do anything with us. We see the president and his wife like 3 times a week and they’re in our ward! All of us missionaries go to the same ward, so missionaries are like a huge part of the ward! We haven’t eaten anything too weird.. um lental soup that has chicken on the bone. They eat everything on the bone, even when it’s in the soup. But of the 3 eating citas we´ve had they’ve all been good. We haven’t gone door to door, but we will talk to people on our way to each cita (appointment). but we are usually pretty busy with appts! 

Oh, and how I said last week that the weather was perfect.. IT’S FREEZING NOW. Well some days are reeeally cold and some days are perfect. And some days it starts out cold and then gets HOT or the other way around. It’s great. But still probably nicer than back home.. (hahaha sorry family) 

Love you all, thanks for the support! Love, Hermana Knowles

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