Thursday, November 6, 2014

Alyssa with her first assignment in Fuerengirola, Spain.

Alyssa has finished the MTC and has been assigned to her first location. She arrived on 27 Oct. In typical Alyssa fashion it's on the beach. All the photos are from her new assignment. Her new address is:
Hermana Knowles
Paseo Jesus Santos Rein NÂș 2, 3d-e
Feungirola, 29640 (Malaga)

If you get a chance I'm sure she'd love a letter. Cheers. Mike

HOLA! I'm officially out in the field in my first area with my new companion and trainer!! I am with Sister Folsom and she is the BEST! We are already best friends. She's from Seattle and I'm killing her off in 5 weeks:) which means that she is going home next month!! and then I will get a new trainer to finish out the six weeks. I LOVE HER. Fuengirola is our area. It is right next to Malaga and right on the BEACH! haha it's great. From one paradise to the next. Just imagine the best place to vacation in the world and this is it. It's pretty touristy, and this is basically where everyone in Europe goes to retire. So there are a bunch of Scandanavian people here! and also a lot of Africans. I love it!
Holy cow this place is GORGEOUS. It goes from pretty mountains with the prettiest towns to the beach and Meditteranean Sea. The homes here are my favorite. They are white with brown roofs with Spanish tile and it's amazing and can't even explain it in words. I love the area and I love my trainer!
Leaving the MTC and leaving my district was hard! But I'm sooo happy to be out here! We left the MTC early last Tuesday morning and took a train to Malaga that took about 3 hours. President and Sister Deere and some other missionaries picked us up and we headed out to this pretty area (which turned out to be in our ward's area) and started proselyting right away! and we had some pretty amazing experiences with that. And then we got to the mission home- which is probably the prettiest home I've seen- and had some orientation and got to meet our trainers! Sis folsom and I got along instantly. She is hilarious! 
We stayed at the mission home that night, and had to do some things in the morning, but then we had to take everyone else to the train cuz they all had like 4-8 hour train rides to their area. But ours was right here hahaha. My piso is pretty nice! we all have our own room for our stuff, but sleep in the same room. but I have my own bathroom! We live on the ninth floor, and can see the ocean from our balcony:) haha We are only a couple blocks away. Oh, we have a sorta third companion Sister Andrus. She has feet problems and might go home but lives with us and works in the mission office. She's awesome. None of our drains have been working in our piso though.. haha our sink was so clogged that we had to wash the dishes in my bathroom sink. please pray for my piso!
K I love misisonary work!! My first day, we got 6 new investigators! and I set my first fecha (date) for baptism!!! We should actually have three dates, but Raphael needs to quit drinking and Andrea needs to get married. But Salvador has a date for the 22nd! so please pray for them! So my favorite investigators are Andrea and Sebastaion! and their baby girl! Sebastian is less active but coming back, and Andrea is so ready to get baptized but it takes a while for marriages here in Spain. But we love them and the ward loves them a lot, so we call them Los Perfectos! cuz they are perfect:) Raphael is this old man that works at this little kiosk by the beach. So we go visit him in his kiosk every day and he always sets out candy and stuff for us. He is the sweetest man ever! 

Gosh, there have been so many things I don't know what to say! We have about 4 progressing investigators. But we've been teaching a lot of investigators and a lot of lessons! There is a lot of work that needs to be done here! 

We have four future investigators that are all named Ali and are all from Senegal. so we call them Ali 1 Ali 2... we had a cita (appt) with Ali 2, but I think we had the wrong address so we wound up at this appt with 6 other men from Senegal and they let us in and we taught them a little bit and gave them a Book of Mormon in French and they said we could come back later! So they were our six new investigators. But when we went back they ended up dropping us.. hahah. But Ali 2 was there and he wanted us to still call him and another man kept reading in the BofM, so I think they are both still interested! we will see!

So they sorta celebrate Halloween here. It's really funny cuz it's just becoming big and they don't really know how it's done. But we went to the ward Halloween party and that was good.

Sorry this is so long. This week was great and I love the work!!!! and I thought i knew Spanish but I really don't.

Love you all!

Hermana Knowles

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