Monday, January 12, 2015


So, here's  the bad news. the 3 weeks of holidays and christmas are over. Here's  the good news- THE THREE WEEKS OF HOLIDAYS/CHRISTMAS ARE FINALLY OVER! finally!

Its been good to finally be getting back in the groove of missionary work without a new holiday every week. Everyone has been so busy partying and shopping and going to disco techas and eating and sleeping and what not.. gosh.  DON'T THEY KNOW HOW IMPORTANT THIS MESSAGE IS??! haha but its finally settling down and we have been able to meet with people more regularly now. 

One thing that I have learned this week is how hard the adversary works when you are following the right path and doing the right things. Our recent convert has recently been confronted with a lot of problems that he didn't have before he was baptized. It just proves how much the adversary doesn't want us to follow the right path, and that they will do everything in their power so that we don't want to continue more and receive the blessings that are ahead of us!  I have also seen that in my mission from day to day. There was one morning this week that was especially hard for me for whatever reason, and I could feel satan attacking me and my beliefs and my confidence. And I think it was because of the great day that we were about to have! We had some really GREAT lessons that day, but if I had listened to the adversary we would not have had those opportunities. So I guess my advise. PUSH THROUGH IT. This means that satan knows that you are following the right path. Stay strong, and you will receive blessings beyond compare. 

Sooo.. this is week 12 of my training! which means i am almost done!! and i have been out for 4 months now.. where did the time go?? so next week i will officially not be a greenie anymore:) and here´s some news. Hermana Pérez will be training, so i will be heading somewhere else next transfer! im excited to find out where!! 

Oh, cool story. I saw Africa this week. Yes, you can see Africa  from where we are! pretty cool huh. 

That's all for now folks. 

Les quiero muchisimo. 

Con amor, Hermana Knowles

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