Sunday, January 25, 2015

A week of miracles

Alyssa has transferred to Cartegena, another coastal town for east of where she was. Here's her new address. She loves letters. 

Calle Tierno Galvan
No. 18 1Der
Cartegena 30203

Enjoy.  Mike


Ahh hola mis amigos! So, my past few emails may have described a little bit of the struggle we have been having this transfer, but we have been pushing through it and working hard everyday, and guess what.. we have finally gotten success!!! let me begin..

Well, this week we have been trying really hard to street contact, like every other week. But we tried extra hard to listen to the counsel of our zone leaders, who challenged us to talk to ten new people a day. Before, we never got any responses or contact info.. but this week it seemed everyone wanted to talk to us! We got so many peoples information to visit them another day, and we more than tripled the amount that we´d gotten in past weeks. That was a miracle for us! We also taught more lessons this week than ever before.. and we have a FECHA! a baptismal date! for our new investigator. and he came to church yesterday! he loved it, and the ward loved him. so he is progressing great. Finally we are starting to see results for our work!!

I found out that i am being transferred this week to Cartagena! And i am going to be finishing an hermana´s training! so she has even less time than me. haha and i am just finishing my training right now, so you can imagine that I'm a little nervous, but also very excited!! I guess she speaks english and Spanish perfectly so that is a blessing. :)

So, the mission does this thing to you, where you go to a place and begin to love it and all the people there, and then it rips you away, and sends you to another place that you grow to love just as much. I am so sad to leave this area with all our our investigators and members that i love so much. Its hard, but i know i will love my next area just as much:) 

Bueno, my advice for this week is to keep pushing through the hard moments with all of your strength, because the Lord will bless you. I have seen so many miracles here on my mission that are evidence of this. I love the mission and i love this gospel. 

Thank you for the love and support and emails and letters:) they mean a lot to me! 

Ether 12:4

les quiero much√≠simo! 
Hermana Knowles

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