Wednesday, September 17, 2014

First day in Spain

hey familia!
guess what. i made it. FINALLY. haha this is the first thing they are letting us do! we havent even gotten our nametags yet! haha. i wont have pday this week, but it will be on thursdays here at the ccm!
Soo. i am exhausted! i have had no sleap for two days.. haha i took half a unisom, and slept a little but not enough, so i was super groggy afterwards! oh. and my bags are lost. and their system is down so they have no idean where they are! i was the only one with lost bags.. so i may get them tomorrow, or the next day.. or the next day. i guess we will see. so its been a frustrating two days, but also really good! and i am so happy to be here!!
Madrid looks a little like utah and idaho.. dry with sage brush! its funny! i mean we havent seen much of it yet, we havent toured any of the rest of the ccm yet either! but all that matters is i am HERE where i am supposed to be! (even if none of my stuff is here yet)
miss you! and love you! and i will talk to you next thursday:)
love hermana  Knowles

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